Richard is a veteran at the game and has one of the most enviable FPL records out there, notching a top 33k finish in every single one of his 13 seasons.


Hi All,

This article is looking to take a longer-term view of the approach and strategy to achieve success in an FPL season. The aim is to give members some perspective on the current opening period of games and relate this to their own team's position.  I will look to share my strategy as we move into the Autumn sectors where International breaks, wildcard timing and fixture turns all come into play.

Summary of my position @ end of Gamewek 4:

Current Rank:  495,139  Team Value: 101.4M

#transfers made: 3

#transfers this GW: 2

Chips played: NONE



Although early days, there are some key observations I have on the first four gameweeks:

  • The popular initial 'big at the back' strategy has not been supported by many clean sheets
  • The Transfer market 'throttle' appears to have been ramped up!
  • An impatient approach, (with hits or early transfers) has generally rewarded bold managers with early rank and team value increases
  • Some early wildcards may not have been well-timed or yielded immediate results


Patience [ˈpāSHəns] NOUN

  1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.
    "you can find bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross" (source: Google)

Overall the season appears to have started in a 'Whirlwind' fashion, with huge bandwagons witnessed as early-season form emerged.  Although true most seasons, the desire to get ahead early has been very obvious and I believe a patient approach has been discounted by many FPL managers eager for immediate ranking rises.

I have not been immune to impatience



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