It’s time. After 37 weeks of debate that usually ended with me screaming angrily at my co-hosts, we have finally reached the prime week for playing that Triple Captain chip. There are so many prime opportunities this week to make up a ton of ground on those ahead of you, especially if you think outside the box about who you choose to give the triple to.

You could pick a still nicked up Kane against lowly, but feisty, West Brom and Newcastle. You could roll the dice and believe that Mo Salah can do more in one game than anyone else in two, and I’m not sure I’d blame you for doing so. Maybe Aubameyang is going to help Arsene go out on a winning note. Or you could pick any of the roughly 600 goal scoring weapons on City. There are so many choices!

So, after much ado, my triple captain is… going to be revealed roughly half an hour into this week’s podcast! You didn’t think I’d give it up without making you listen to the pod, did you? Plus, we talk about the supposedly fun things we do in our lives that give us nothing but grief and aggravation and spend some time talking about the history of relegation in the Premier League. We only have a couple more pods left to go before our long summer of sadness, so let’s enjoy what’s left of the season!