Are you excited for the action packed slate of games this weekend?! Four games! All the top clubs! It’s gonna be INSANITY!!!

OK. I tried really hard to build up what is sure to be the most boring week of the Premier League season. With only four games, none of them exactly barnburners, you’re going to have to do a lot of maneuvering to your lineup unless you are content putting up 5 points. This week we’re going all in on the Free Hit. We know that this is a bit of a controversial decision, but in the pod we go over all of our reasons for the move, as well as build our lineups for the week. And if you are looking to get some differential over all the other free hitters this week, we have some tips about which Liverpool players to stack your lineup with.

We also lament about the tough choices we had at choosing a captain, talk about going to a middle school basketball championship game, and put together a March Madness style bracket of Premier League teams. The games might not be the most exciting this week, but the AFFCU is firing on all cylinders.