This is an FPL series by resident Hub statistician Carl Weeks. Carl uses his Algorithm forecasting tool, that predicts FPL point based on spread betting odds, to select his Fantasy Premier League team and make his transfers,

Last weekend saw Otamendi make way for Soyuncu. I had a free transfer considered AWB, but after decided I would go for Martial instead. I know the grief he has given me and I'm mad to go back there, but he is projected to do well by the algorithm. Unfortunately, I was £0.1m short so rolled my transfer.

I waited until after the International Break and decided both Yarmolenko and Hudson-Odoi will be replaced by Martial and Saint-Maximin. Yarmolenko was always a short-term selection and with a blank Gameweek coming up meant this was a good time to move on, while Hudson-Odoi minutes is a concern.

To free up some funds to bring in Martial I set the algorithm to look at players valued at less than £5.6m. A good selection that was tempting was Gundogan, but he would have been projected to be benched over the next four weeks while Saint-Maximin is projected to play in four weeks and also Newcastle have a good home fixture in the Liverpool blank Gameweek.

My team for this week is:




The predicted (& review of last weeks) points from the algorithm assuming each player starts is:

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