Welcome to Andrew Ferguson's Fantasy Football Diary. Andrew is a veteran all-round fantasy football player, with five consecutive top 1% finishes (best 715th) and numerous top 100 finishes across multiple formats (Top 100 in #SkyFF and #TFF 18/19). He'll be covering his progress and tips through the season in Fantasy Premier League, Sky Sports Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and Sun Dreamteam exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.


Well the Man City and Arsenal double gameweek announcement has caused a few headaches across all formats! Below are my current thoughts on the best way to successfully navigate my teams through it.

Fantasy Premier League

Weekly Points: 37(-4)

Overall Rank: 663,618

Overall Rank %: c. Top 9%


Gameweek 28 Team Review

With no news of a potential double Gameweek 29 pre-deadline, I decided to take a risk and take De Bruyne out for Fernandes which was the catalyst for a small green arrow with able support from Lascelles and Jiminez. This could have potentially backfired a little now though with the double Gameweek 29 now being confirmed and my squad currently having no double Gameweek players! My Mane captain punt flopped as did most others so no real problem there with underwhelming returns across my squad.

Andrew's GW28 Points

Gameweek 29 Transfer and Captaincy Plan

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