Welcome to Andrew Ferguson's Fantasy Football Diary. Andrew is a veteran all-round fantasy football player, with five consecutive top 1% finishes (best 715th) and numerous top 100 finishes across multiple formats (Top 100 in #SkyFF and #TFF 18/19). He'll be covering his progress and tips through the season in Fantasy Premier League, Sky Sports Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and Sun Dreamteam exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.


With the quick Gameweek turnarounds I will write one usual detailed article and one quick update article each week to ensure I can share my teams and thoughts in a timely manner.

Fantasy Premier League

Gameweek Points: 62 (-8)

Overall Rank: 474,987

Overall Rank %: c. Top 6%

Gameweek 33+ Points

It's not often I pick the best captain of the Gameweek and manage a red arrow; achievement unlocked! The -8 hits didn't really pay off directly this week although it does me on the front foot going forwards and preparing for a future Bench Boost so no regrets. Only Rashford, new signing Pulisic and my Liverpool duo could muster any returns to accompany the quite wonderful Fernandes with the rest disappointing. No Martial and/or Greenwood cost me but we can't have everyone; Rashford was a whisker away from a brace and it could have been so different.

Gameweek 34+ Transfer and Captaincy Plan

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