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Five at the back? Time to change my FPL mindset?

I have “Ranieritis“. It’s a terrible affliction I caught off an ex-Chelsea Italian manager.. I’m forever one to tinker with my squad. Never satisfied with half my playing contingent, I have always felt the urge to chop and change. But recently I got thinking less about the individuals and more about the formation… Looking at the raw data of FPL really opened my eyes to a different way of playing this game. I got caught in the trap the early part of this season, like many others, salivating at the thought of three big hitters up front. Especially given...

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The making of a Fantasy Football Manager: a young boy’s induction into the world of fun & frustration…

This post has been written by our brand new contributors three men and a football. View their site here and follow them on twitter here. Enjoy! If you have a child (and dare I say especially being a man and having a young son) you end up living your childhood through them. However, you want the best for them, you want things to be better than they were for you growing up and you don’t want them to repeat the same mistakes you made. But one of the best things about being a Dad is you get to enjoy those...

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