Author: Aaron Gallagher

Sun Dream Team Weekly – GW32

Telegraphing to readers the weeks most promising players, taking into consideration: the value, the underlying tactics, upcoming fixtures, coupled with a brief description as to why I believe the addition will be beneficial to your team. Unearthing these components will help you maximise the quality of each addition you make to your squad. This series will also cast light on the shortcomings of FF players, supplying that knowledge will essentially help you avoid the common pitfalls that so often capture FF competitors. This is not the inerrant word of FF but hopefully some applicable knowledge, that will catapult you...

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SDT Weekly

This new series will dissect the latest happenings within the Premier League, and use those understandings to advise readers’ on who I believe will be the best acquisition to their SDT squad. I’ll be taking you through the latest injury news, discussing on-field relationships, evaluating form, highlighting FF market value and pondering impeding fixtures will all be assessed. The series will include, one player in each position, defender, midfielder, an attacker, but also a ‘punt’ which is a player tied down with an element of risk. This analysis aims to give you a leg up on your friends and a step...

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