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How to Build a Sky Fantasy Football Overhaul Team According to Science

The second overhaul is fast approaching and how you set your team up could be the difference in catching league rivals or keeping ahead of them. This article will cover an analytical approach to selecting an ideal formation and how to spend your budget on the various positions. It will then cover planning and making the best use of transfers. The Method Metrics and initial view It is difficult to know the best metric to use to compare players, but my preference is the number of points per game per value of a player (this takes account of players...

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Sky sports fantasy football roundup – GW 26

The last game week the lowest total points week with 821 which is over 60 points less than the previous lowest. Arsenal’s breathing taking display with five goals meant they scored the most points with 87, while Everton has the lowest total for the week with 12. Man of the match The table below are the Sky man of the matches: A brace by Salah meant he picked up his eighth award putting him on his own in second place and just one behind de Bruyne.  Deulofeu has made an incredible start for Watford by making two starts and...

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Update for the Sky fantasy football prediction tool – Members

This is a quick update on the prediction tool used in a previous article: There have been a few minor tweaks: The players now have an assumed two points for playing a match. An adjustment is made for Man of the Match awards. This can be switched on/off in cell C14 of the “User dashboard” page. In addition to the tweaks above, I have also added a planner page (based on Ian’s planner tool).  For each match-day, this predicts the expected points a player would score and highlights in green the highest point scorer (a suggested captain’s pick)....

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Sky sports roundup – GW 25

The last game week a slightly below average total points week with 922. Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Huddersfield ensured they had the most points with 100, while Huddersfield had the lowest with 15. Man of the match The table below are the Sky man of the matches: A sprinkling of magic from de Bruyne meant he picked up his ninth MotM award of the season and increasing his lead at the top of the table to two. No other player in the top 20 picked up an award. The bonuses The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:...

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Sky sports roundup – GW 24

The last game week had the joint lowest total for the season with 888 points. Chelsea 4-0 win at Brighton ensured they had the most points with 87 while Brighton picked up just 16. Man of the match The table below are the Sky man of the matches: Hazard has shone brightly in recent weeks picking up several MotM awards and is now joint second for the season.  Ozil is now chasing the top players as he picks up his 5th award for the season and sits in 5th spot. The bonuses The distribution of bonuses by team this...

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