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Time To Triple Down With City Assets?

Manchester City have scored a whopping 36 goals in their last 10 matches in all competitions and are catching the eyes of football enthusiasts all around the world with their dazzling, high-tempo, attacking football. This means that they're assets are an absolute goldmine for fantasy points right now with Jesus, Agüero, Sané, Sterling, Silva and KDB all getting involved and bringing home the FPL points. That's almost 300pts already between the five of them (293) and we're just about one quarter of the way through the season. With the majority of us owning at least one, with a sizeable...

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  My name is Simon and I’m the owner of and chief editor at, FPL Connect. Me and my team are dedicated to providing everything Fantasy Premier League, from tips and analysis, to news and insight, some of it from a psychological perspective. Drop us a follow on Twitter, where we are very active and engaging with our followers, otherwise you can find us at Twitter: FPL Connect:  FFH...

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