Author: Ian Parrin

Plan It Sky – Advent

With cards, gifts and mince pies seen in shops at the start of October, plus Wham! and Mariah Carey heard on the radio in mid-November, the advent period leading up to Christmas is in danger of lasting longer than the football off-season! Before fantasy football managers begin getting ready for the festive period, there are four rounds of Premier League fixtures to be played before Christmas Eve. Might it be one of the Christians (Eriksen or Fuchs) that appeals? Will we be singing the praises of Tom or Andy Carroll? Or will Jesus come into our teams at this...

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Plan It Sky – Fireworks

As seamlessly as Jose Mourinho combines his defensive formations, Halloween and Guy Fawkes now appear to be joined up into a late autumn festival. Have fantasy football managers been spending too much time on toffee apples and sparklers, rather than Toffees and Sparky? The Premier League takes its third International break just after bonfire night, but then the season really starts to ramp up with an additional midweek round of matches slotted in at the end of November. With fixtures then coming thick and fast, it is imperative for #SkyFF players to be on the ball when it comes...

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Plan It Sky – Octoberfest

  Anyone who watched England versus Slovenia at Wembley last Thursday, whilst also taking part in charity alcohol abstinence for the month, has much greater will power than I mustered up. It was a bad enough performance to endure after a couple of fine ales, I can only wonder what it must have been like sober! After the second International break of the season the Premier League is back this week, and with it our minds turn to Fantasy Football. Who are we going to bring into our teams, and just as importantly when? My take on transfer strategy...

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Plan It Sky

Question How many players do you have in your Fantasy Football team each week? 11, right? Wrong! At least in the eyes of an experienced Sky FF manager. There are two reasons for this: captains and transfers.   Captains In FPL you play 11 out of your squad of 15 each week, with 1 captain who scores double points. This equates to having 12 players scoring points. The Sky game allows a captain change for each different Matchday. Therefore, with matches scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Monday over a wekend, you might to be able to select the equivalent...

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