Author: Jerome Ghattas

GW28-31 Fixture Preview: Assessing the 8 Clubs who feature during Gameweek 31

With the first Blank Gameweek (BGW) right around the corner (Gameweek 31), plans need to be made. Such plans regarding fixtures will, or should, be centred around the games remaining for all 20 Premier League clubs, those playing in GW31 and those that aren’t. Which players that have the blank will you keep throughout their non-gameweek, and those that will be out of your team before GW31 commences? A look at which players have the best fixtures could most certainly help with the dilemma....

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Fixture Preview: From the Best to the Worst – GW23-27

As the festive fixtures come to a close, the time comes for us to assess a new set of fixtures. It is important to begin analysing upcoming fixtures before they come around and not when they are already upon us. This gives us ample opportunity to critically analyse and consider a range of things from form and the availability of squad players. I’ll be analysing the first five post-festive fixtures for each team, gameweek 23-27, with a plan to analyse the subsequent five fixtures before they, also, come around. I have only taken into account five fixtures as within...

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