Welcome back to my game-weekly FPL diary where I am putting all of my thoughts out there for anyone to read. Hopefully they help some of you with your FPL decisions.

Below you can see my progress so far this season…

Bebob FC

Last Gameweek pts: 37
Total points: 1,973
Rank: 11,972nd

Another small green arrow as we approach the big Double Gameweek in 34. Aubameyang proved his worth as Captain once again and could have scored more if he hadn’t been substituted. Jamie Vardy also joined my very small party by scoring against Newcastle in another lowing scoring week of FPL. Just 32 points was the average.

“Going In The Right Direction” – With my Bench Boost Chip now active, I am as confident as I can be that I should follow up my recent green arrows with another in Gameweek 34.

With Jack Stephens getting himself sent off last week, I will now be taking a -4 hit to make 2 transfers this week. I had always planned to bring in Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku for Aubameyang, so I will still be doing so. I will most likely be opting for Harry Kane.

The second transfer is proving a little more tricky. I want to bring in a premium defender from United, Spurs or Chelsea. However, I can see all three teams resting a few defenders in their second fixture with their FA Cup semi-finals a few days later. So hopefully you can help! Baring rotation in mind, I have created a Twitter Poll to see who people think is most likely to score the most in Gameweeks 34, 36, 37 and 38. (I will activating my FREE HIT chip in Gameweek 35 so that week is irrelevant).

Please vote below…

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NOTE: Each week I will always try to wait until we are close to the deadline before committing to any transfers. (Often Friday night/Saturday morning) This allows me to absorb as much information as possible and not get caught out by any late injury news etc.

Bebob FC Captain GW34CAPTAIN
This week I will be captaining Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku (whichever one I bring in for Aubameyang). Harry Kane has 2 fixtures and is extremely hungry for the Golden Boot.

Thank you for reading my FPL diary post, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. I’m always trying to improve the feature so any suggestions of further information you would like me to include in the future are very welcome. – Good luck in the bumper Gameweek 34 guys!