Welcome back to my game-weekly FPL diary where I am putting all of my thoughts out there for anyone to read. Hopefully they help some of you with your FPL decisions.

Below you can see my progress so far this season…

Bebob FC

Last Gameweek pts: 78
Total points: 2,149
Rank: 3,281st

A total score of 78 (a massive 48 points above the average) has produced a 6th consecutive green arrow this week. The Free Hit Chip proved very successful and I am very glad to have saved it for GW35.

Seven of the eleven players I chose to field in my Free Hit team produced significant returns. Most notably: Lacazette(13), Monreal(9), Silva(10), Sterling(11) and my captain Mo Salah doubled his 7 points to 14.

“Time to bring in City players” – I have a decent squad currently and will be able to field 11 double gameweek players in GW37, however, with no chips left to play, it will be an interesting challenge to see if I can keep climbing the rankings in these final 3 weeks. My main concern is that I currently have no Man City players and that it isn’t easy to know exactly who will play in these final 3 weeks for them.

I have one free transfer this week and I have decided I will be taking out Mahrez for a Man City midfielder – for one of Sterling, Sane or David Silva. Sane didn’t play last week at all so I fancy him to start this weekend, whilst Silva and Sterling are both bang in form and are likely to be more highly owned. At the time of writing I believe I will go with David Silva – the cheapest option.

I am also contemplating taking a -4 hit to bring in Vertonghen for the suspended Alonso. I feel Spurs will most likely keep a clean sheet and Burnley and Leicester most likely won’t! It would also free up some funds ahead of Gameweek 37. I am very undecided on this move though and will probably make a very late Saturday morning call.

NOTE: Each week I will always try to wait until we are close to the deadline before committing to any transfers. (Often Friday night/Saturday morning) This allows me to absorb as much information as possible and not get caught out by any late injury/team news etc.

Bebob FC Captain GW35CAPTAIN
Barring any leaked team news that suggests he won’t start, I will probably be captaining Mo Salah. He has the form, the incentive and the fixture.

Thank you for reading my FPL diary post, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. I’m always trying to improve the feature so any suggestions of further information you would like me to include in the future are very welcome. – Good luck in Gameweek 36 guys!

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