Welcome back to my game-weekly FPL diary where I am putting all of my thoughts out there for anyone to read. We have finally reached the last Gameweek of the season!

Below you can see my progress so far this season…

Bebob FC

Last Gameweek pts: 78
Total points: 2,262
Rank: 5,818th

A total score of 78 was enough to be above average but not enough to bring home a green arrow. However, it is only a small red one that see’s me at 5,818th. Unfortunately I made some poor decisions in midfield and feel I should have foreseen the rotation risk of David Silva and KDB! I guess if they perform in the final week then it may prove to have been a good move. Currently I definitely feel it was a mistake having both.

“The top 5K is in sight” – My big goal for the season was to try and finish in the top 5K. This is still achievable but anything could happen on the final day and I if I fall short of 5K, I still hope to beat my highest ever finish of 7,893rd (2016/17).

With my one free transfer I have brought in Giroud for Vardy. I’m confident of a Spurs clean sheet which would limit Vardy to 2 points and I am confident of a Chelsea victory. Let’s hope Giroud starts! (I think he will…)

I have also taken out Chris Smalling for Van Dijk. Jose Mourinho has said in an interview that Smalling won’t play Sunday and my only options from the bench as a replacement for him are Matic and Morgan. I do think Matic will play but there is a chance he won’t. If he plays he is most likely to score 2-3 points. I think Liverpool will keep a clean sheet and allow Van Dijk to score 6+, without any potential attacking returns. So whilst it is a small gamble, it’s a calculated one.

Finally, I have decided to spend -4 to bring in Zaha for Willian. This was an easy gamble to make with Zaha in such good form and Willian being in and out of the Chelsea starting XI so often.

NOTE: Each week I will always try to wait until we are close to the deadline before committing to any transfers. (Often Friday night/Saturday morning) This allows me to absorb as much information as possible and not get caught out by any late injury/team news etc.

Bebob FC Captain GW38CAPTAIN
I didn’t think I’d ever say this at any point this season but It looks as though I am going into this final Gameweek without Mo Salah! So, unless I decide to bring him in for KDB before the deadline, I will be captaining Harry Kane. I think if you have both it is a very tough call to make.

Thank you for reading my FPL diary post, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. I’m always trying to improve the feature so any suggestions of further information you would like me to include in the future are very welcome. – Good luck in Gameweek 38 guys!

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