What is fantasy football hub?

We are the new kids on the block for fantasy football and we plan on shaking up the way things are done. For too long the big boys have dominated the fantasy market; now we are giving you the power to make money from the content you create. We provide a unique platform for fantasy writers, bloggers, podcasters and tool creators to share their work. Here are the benefits of joining our team:

We drive traffic to you

You will be able to share your content on our site and we will promote you on social media and post a link back to your site (if you have one) to help drive traffic to you.

How do you make money?

We are on a mission to make fantasy football hub the home of fantasy football. But we recognise that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you are interested in earning money from your content, here is how it works.

Three ways:

  1. Affiliate Links. That’s right, you don’t even have to provide content for our site. Once signed up, we will give you a link to share. Using our software, we are able to track users who come to FFH via your link. Even if users navigate around our site for a while, any membership sign-ups we gain from your link will be attributed to you. You will receive a recurring monthly 30% commission on anyone who becomes a member via that link. With membership currently set at £2, each new sign-up will earn you 60p per month or £7.20 per year.
  2. Contributor. Creating content anyway for your own blog, site or podcast? By also sharing it on our site, not only will you have another channel to share your work, but you will also give people a reason to visit the site (via your contributor link). Again, we are able to track visits from your link and any sign-ups will be attributed to you. At the end of free content, you can put a link to become a member, which will attribute sign-ups to you and you’ll receive a 30% recurring commission.
  3. Contributor of membership content. You will be able to create ‘membership content’. This can be in any form – blog, e-book, podcast, tools or statistical analysis and must be original to FFH. To view this content, users will have to become members. Your membership content will have a sign-up link for them to do this (see example here). If they sign-up via this link – you guessed it – you’ll receive a recurring 30% commission.

Which is the best way?

  1. Affiliate: If you have a large existing following, you could simply become an affiliate for FFH and earn good money. If you managed to get say 100 sign-ups that would work out at £60 per month or £720 a year. The best part is this is passive income, you would keep receiving this even if you did nothing for the site.
  2. Free content: By providing free content, users have a reason to visit the site, which increases their chances of becoming a member. This option also allows you to build your following before offering membership content.
  3. Members content: The greatest input from you is producing an original piece of high quality membership content, but it is also the most likely to gain new members, because users have a reason to sign up.

The very best way for you to get new sign-ups is, of course, to do all three.

How much money could I make?

This is a very difficult question to answer and it depends on (a) how much effort you put into the site, (b) the quality of your content, (c) your existing following and (d) how much the site grows overall. As an example, though, If you created membership content that attracted just 10 new members at £2 a month (membership price point may increase in future), this could earn around £300 over the next 5 years (providing members stayed signed up). Remember, this is from just one piece of membership content and does not include either of the first two ways above of signing people up.

If you keep putting out good content that attracts members, you could build your subscriber base and take home a very tidy sum each month. After a few years, I really believe you could easily be earning over £1000 a month or more. The best part is that this is passive income. You could literally do nothing for the site and take home £12,000 or more a year.

Will my links always work?

Members will be attributed to you if they have clicked on one of your links, even if they navigate around the site before signing up. Except under two conditions:

  1. Users clear their cache. This is highly unlikely – less than 0.01% will ever do this.
  2. Users click on another contributors link. This is possible and one reason why creating high quality membership content is the best way to ensure you get sign-ups.

Can I increase my commission?

Yes. To incentivise good content, users will be able to rate each piece of content you create. The contributor who gets the highest ranked article, pod or tool for that month (contributor of the month award), will be given an extra 3%. The contributor who is awarded the most of these at the end of the season (contributor of the season award) will get an extra 5%. You will be able to keep adding to your overall commission, up to a maximum of 60%.

Why don’t I just ask for membership on my own site?

When people subscribe through one of your links, they will gain access to all membership content on FFH. This makes it a very attractive membership offer. As the site develops, we add in new features and grow our following, so this offer will become more and more attractive (and with it your contributor links).

Track your activity and sales

Everything we do is completely transparent. Once signed up, you will be given access to your contributor dashboard. From here, you will be able to see your clicks, subscribers, sales and payment history. You will need a PayPal account.

What kind of membership content can I make?

We encourage you to make membership content extra special. To ensure quality control for our members, all content, but particularly membership content, will have to pass a quality control check.

Can I withdraw from the agreement?

Yes of course. Anytime you want to withdraw is fine, however you will lose any revenue from existing subscribers.


  • More traffic to your site (if you have one) and social media platforms.
  • 30% on any membership signups, plus 3% for winning contributor of the month and 5% for winning contributor of the year, up to a ceiling of 60%.
  • Complete flexibility. What to write? When to write? How much to write? What to share on the site? You chose! The beauty of this format is that you can input as much or as little as you want.. You can even contribute nothing by becoming an affiliate!
  • Free membership. Yes, we will chuck this in the package – now that’s a good deal.

I’m interested. What do I need to do?

Become an affiliate 

You will need to have a following on twitter (minimum of 1000 followers) or other social media platform. Thats it – fire me an email now if you’re interested!

Become a contributor

If you don’t have an established blog, website or podcast that shows me you can produce good content, you will go through a review process:

  1. You will need to send me an example of your work to will@fantasyfootballhub.co.uk.
  2. If I think its good enough, I will post it as free content on the site.
  3. The community will then rate your content. If it receives an average rating of over 3.5 stars or more (out of 5), you will become part of the FFH contributor team.

To ensure quality on our site, FFH only selects the very best contributors.