What is fantasy football hub?

We provide a hub for fantasy writers, bloggers, podcasters and tool creators to share their work.

Why become an affiliate?

If you have a big following, you can earn a decent recurring revenue by becoming a fantasy football hub affiliate.

How does it work?

We charge £2.50 a month or £20 a year to be a fantasy football hub member (you’ll get this free as part of the deal as soon as you get your first sub).

If people sign up because of your link, you’ll get 40% recurring commission. The important part here is that its recurring for the duration of their membership.

As an example, if you gain one £2.50 monthly member, you’ll get £1 a month. Because it’s recurring, that will be £12 a year if they stay signed up. If you managed 100 £2.50 monthly members? £1,200 a year or £12,000 over next 10 years (providing the stay signed up of course). We also have premium membership, which is £7.50p/m or £40p/y. 

In short, you won’t get rich overnight, but there is a chance to build a nice take each month.

Why do people sign up?

We’ve got a whole host of member benefits and lots more planned in the near future. Most of our current features are listed below:

Where do I link to?

Once signed up, you’ll gain access to an affiliate dashboard. This will have your main affiliate link which goes to our membership page. You’ll also be able to track links, signups, and payments from here.

You can link elsewhere on the site or to our home page. If they sign up at any point, this will be attributed to you. The only reason it wouldn’t be is if they click on another affiliate’s link.

Your coupon code

We can also give you a coupon code for the site. This will give users one month access for £1. If they stay signed up, they will then be attributed to you.

Sign me up

Fire over your details and I’ll get you set up in no time.  Include any social media presence you have within the message (with links).