If you have not come across Ben’s planning sheet before, this thing will blow your mind.

What can it do?

Here are some of its main features:

  • A schedule which is formatted based on customizable ratings – the ratings for all twenty teams are broken down into four categories: attacking (home & away) and defending (home & away). The schedule will automatically update when fixtures are rescheduled to a different Gameweek causing Blank and Double Gameweeks.
  • Drop-down menus which allow you to easily select players. When you enter a new player, his fixtures will populate the empty row. The fixtures for the forwards and midfielders are formatted based on the attacking ratings, whereas goalkeepers’ and defenders’ fixtures are formatted based on the defensive ratings.
  • ID numbers allow you to easily plan your captains and substitutes.
  • Accurate player prices – the player list is imported from the FPL website.

So as well as being able to plan transfers, you’ll also be able to keep track of your projected budget in future Gameweeks.

Here is a demonstration video from the man himself:

How do I request a sheet?

You’ll need to send Ben an email with the following details:

  1. Your Fantasy Football Hub username. (You can find this here)
  2. Your Gmail address (or an address that’s connected to a Google account).
  3. Your preferred colour for the difficult fixtures: red or blue (You can see examples of both types of formatting here)
  4. Your FPL ID*
  5. Have you played either your second Wildcard or your Free Hit chip yet? If yes, in which Gameweek did you play them?

    And if you have made at least one transfer since the last Gameweek deadline:
  6. All transfers made so far this Gameweek – list transfers out, transfers in, purchase prices for transfers in and ‘Money Remaining’.
    (Leave blank if you have an active Wildcard or if you’re requesting a spreadsheet in GW30+)

*To find your FPL ID, go to the ‘Points’ tab when you’re logged into the FPL website and look at the web address – your ID is the number between entry/ and /event

PLEASE NOTE: you must stay subscribed to the site to retain access to the sheet.

Ben’s email is: ben@fantasyfootballhub.co.uk

Please put your full name in the subject line of the email. You should receive your spreadsheet within 18 hours of submitting your request. Ben normally responds to requests between 5pm and midnight BST. This may take longer during busy periods.


Instruction booklet

A full instruction booklet for Ben’s sheet can be found here.

You can view the videos that are linked to the booklet in this playlist

If you have any questions about the sheet, feel free to leave a comment and Ben will get back you.


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