Who are the best Fantasy Premier League defenders to own for Gameweek 6? 4-time top 1k finisher Abdul Rehman uses the Hub's OPTA, Prediction, Comparison and Fixture tools to find the best FPL budget and premium defenders for our FPL teams.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to FPL Gameweek 6 for all the key information, stats and tips you need going into the weekend's action.

Looking ahead to Gameweek 6 it seems a tricky Gameweek for clean sheets with only a few fixtures sticking out as bankers. The amount of clean sheets this season has been pretty scarce. We did see five in Gameweek 5 though and saw the first 0-0 of the season also with West Brom and Burnley’s stalemate. Looking ahead we will examine the Gameweek 6 fixtures and pick out the top five defenders.


Gameweek 6 Fixtures FPL Defenders

Gameweek 6 Fixtures

Fantasy Football Hub Fixture Ratings - Defence

Fixture Ticker Gameweek 6 FPL Defence ratings

Fixture Ticker Defensive Ratings

Andrew Robertson (£7.1m) – Liverpool

Fixture: Sheffield United (H)

The Scottish left-back has been on fine form attacking wise since Gameweek 30 last season. He came in at a price of £7.0m, which was £0.5m cheaper than his teammate Trent Alexander Arnold (£7.5m). The general consensus at the start of the season was that Trent was still worth the £0.5m more. However, five games in and the decision is not as clear as we all thought. Robertson has been outperforming Alexander-Arnold in almost every single attacking metric. As they both play for the same team their chances of clean sheets are the same so we have to look at both guys attacking numbers to determine which one is the superior pick for FPL. Having a look at their underlying numbers via our Comparison Tool we can see immediately from the web-graph that the left-back is actually outperforming the young Liverpudlian. Firstly Robertson already has 10 more points (25 to 15) and has one goal and two assists to only just the one assist for Trent. Also, the Scotsman has both a higher xG and xA. Let's break down more of their numbers below:

Robertson Vs Trent Stats. GW6 Defenders to own

Alexander-Arnold vs Robertson Stats

xG: 0.22 vs 1.01
xA: 0.23 vs 1.59
Big Chances: 0 vs 2
Shots in the Box: 0 vs 4
Shots on Target: 1 vs 2
Touches in the Box: 6 vs 22
Final third passes: 96 vs 135
: 37 vs 52
Big Chances Created: 2 vs 3

As you can see Robertson is ahead in all of the important attacking stats. Also, another factor in his the Scotsman's favour is he is now on corners too which adds to his assist threat. Saying that Trent is obviously still a good option but I don’t think we can say he is better anymore especially as he is £0.4m more expensive.

Liverpool face Sheffield United at home in Gameweek 6 who have only managed who have scored only two goals this season ; the least in the league. They also seem to be quite toothless in attack also with no proven goalscorers. They have only managed 15 Shots on Target (16th), 25 Shots in the Box (16th). They have had 7 Big Chances (16th) and xG of 5.61 which shows how poor their finishing is. Liverpool won't get a better chance of a clean sheet all season and this seems a prime fixture for Robertson to get both offensive and defensive returns. The injuries to Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson are obviously a blow to them but they should still have a great chance of shut-out and are the favourites among the bookies (47%) and also our Points Prediction Tool (44%) to keep a clean sheet.


Roman Saiss (£5.2m) – Wolves

Fixture: Newcastle United (H)

The Moroccan is currently the highest-scoring defender in the game with 31 points. Even though Wolves haven’t really looked themselves so far this season with a few lacklustre performances, their defence is still holding their own. They have the most clean sheets so far (3) in the league tied with Aston Villa whilst Saiss is also the best performing defender in the Wolves team attacking wise. He already has one goal and was unfortunate to not have another after his goal against Leeds United last Gameweek was ruled offside by VAR. He has four Shots in the Box, two Shots on Target. In fact, the only player for Wolves who has more Shots in the box and Shots on Target than Saiss is Raul Jimenez (£8.5m).

In Gameweek 6 they face Newcastle United who have been really poor offensively. They have the second least Shots on Target (12), the third least Shots in the Box (26), and the fourth least Big Chances created (7). They will face a proven and resilient Wolves team who are very hard to break down and have a solid defence. They kept the third-most clean sheets in the league last season (13) and were also third best for xGC (41.51). Although Newcastle have scored seven goals in five games, their xG has only been 5.21 which shows they are currently over performing.

The West Midlands team are the second favourite among the bookies (44%) and also our Points Prediction Tool (42%) to keep a clean sheet. With Saiss having the best attacking stats and output for his team he is a very good pick for Gameweek 6.

Roman Saiss Stats. Gameweek 6 Defender Tips

Roman Saiss Stats


Tyrone Mings (£5.1m) – Aston Villa

Fixture: Leeds United (H)

Aston Villa have been a totally different team since Project Restart. They went from the worst team defensively to now one of the best. Pre-restart their Shots in the Box conceded was 12.2 compared to 6.2 post restart and Big Chances conceded 3.1 to 1.2 (source). This season they have also acquired Emi Martinez (£4.7m) and Matthew Cash (£5.0m) which has improved their defence further. Having only played four games (one less than 16 other teams) they have the most clean sheets (3) and have also conceded the least goals (2).

Tyrone has been immense for them both defensively and attacking wise so far. He already has a goal and an assist to his name with two Shots on Target, and three Shots in the box, the most from all the Villa defenders. He also has the highest xG (0.61).  He is a nailed starter and even though they play Leeds United which is a tough game on paper they have proven to be a tough task for everyone thus far as we saw with how they thumped Liverpool. They are a totally rejuvenated team and I think we are past the point of small sample sizes and purple patches as they have been much better since Gameweek 30 last season. This season they have conceded the third least Shots on Target (17) and the least Big Chances (5).

In their current form you would have to put them favourites against Leeds and being at home will give them an advantage too. I can see this being a really tight and cagey affair and with Villa's form you have to back their defence. Ezri Konsa (£4.6m) and Matt Targett (£4.5m) are also good options for less budget; Konsa provides some goal threat whereas Targett is best for assist threat.

Tyrone Mings Stats. FPL GW6 Defender

Tyrone Mings Stats


Stuart Dallas (£4.5m) – Leeds United

Fixture: Aston Villa (a)

I am going to go for Stuart Dallas again this week as his attacking numbers for a defender are the best in the league and as I stated earlier I think their game with Villa is going to be a cagey affair and can go either way. In the first five games, Dallas has the most Shots (4), Shots on Target (4), Big Chances (2) and xG (1.21) from all defenders in the league. He has on occasion this season switched position to midfield which is another reason why his goal threat is so high. What is quite impressive is that despite having no shots at all and an xG of 0, in his Gameweek 5 match with Wolves he still sits top for goal threat among defenders, even ahead of both Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson.

In their last two games, Leeds United defensive numbers have improved which is no surprise as in the first four games they played both Manchester City and Liverpool which exaggerated their defensive numbers against. They have only conceded five Shots on Target (2nd), one Big Chance (1st), and also had the best xGC (1.64). Even the goal they conceded against Wolves last Gameweek was really unlucky as it took a massive deflection off Kalvin Phillips. Leeds had 68% possession in that match which is also good for their clean sheet chances as the longer they have the ball generally the fewer chances the opposition has to score. I can see them dominated possession again against Aston Villa and think it's only a matter of time before Dallas gets some more attacking returns. They have had the most possession in every game they have played so far this season despite playing the two best teams in the league. That is pretty impressive and a testament to how good they are.

Stuart Dallas Stats. FPL Gameweek 6

Stuart Dallas Stats


Tariq Lamptey (£4.7m)

Fixture: West Brom (H)

Brighton have been very unlucky this season not to have picked up more points as they have played much better than their league position suggests. They play West Brom at home who only sit two points behind them. The Seagulls actually have one of the best defensive stats in the league. They have conceded the least Shots in the Box (23), the second least Shots on Target (15), fourth least Big Chances (9) and are sixth best for xGC (6.43). They come up against the Baggies who have one of the worst attacking stats in the league with the least amount of Shots in the Box (21), the least Big Chances Created (1), the least xG (3,32) and fifth least Shots on Target (16). Also as you can see in our fixture ticker above Brighton have the best fixture defensively.

20-year-old Lamptey has had a very impressive start to the season showing his attacking prowess. He has the most assists so far (3) from all defenders and has been a constant menace down that right side. He has created six chances, one Big Chance and has an xA on 0.71 which puts him in the top 10 for defenders despite playing only 373 minutes. He also carries some goal threat with three Shots in the Box and one Shot on Target. I feel he will only improve as the season goes on and he now faces one of the easiest fixtures of the season so has a chance for points at both ends of the pitch. At only £4.7m he seems a bargain for what you get. Also, one thing we should note as well is in Brighton’s first five games they faced Chelsea, Manchester United, and Everton so going forward I can see them keeping more clean sheets as their fixture ease up.

Tariq Lamptey Stats. Top 5 Best Players

Tariq Lamptey Stats

In conclusion, I will rank these Gameweek 6 defenders in accordance to our Power Rankings for Hub members!

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