Who are the best forwards in FanTeam 2021/22?  FPL legend FPL_Matthew shares his thoughts as he chases the top prize of £200,000! 

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Looking for Value in FanTeam - Price Differences

Many of the prices in FanTeam will look very familiar to FPL players as they are the same - but not all.

It's clear to me that FanTeam have used the Fantasy Premier League pricing as a starting point but have then reviewed the prices carefully and tried to improve on them by tweaking certain prices up or down to try and make them more accurate or make certain players more appealing.

Overall, although there are differences up and down, I think that FanTeam's prices are slightly cheaper for the most relevant players and there are some potential bargains to be had.

Rather than go through each and every price change, I'm going to highlight some of the more interesting differences and where I think potential value could be found, and vice versa. I will also look at whether the price differences may cause other alternative players to become better (or worse) value in the FanTeam game.

I looked at best value FanTeam defenders in Part one, and in part two I looked at the best value FanTeam midfielders.

In this third and final article my attention turns to looking at the best value FanTeam forwards. I think the forward line is the trickiest position in terms of both FPL and Fanteam as evolving changes in team formations push goal involvements towards the wide forwards and attacking midfielders, both of which tend to be classed as midfielders in both of these formats.

Best FanTeam Forwards 2021/22

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