The best FPL budget rotation pairs should allow Fantasy Premier League managers to swap between two players that have a succession of good fixtures between them. If Player A has a difficult fixture, Player B can be swapped in to maximise FPL returns and vice versa.

Ideally, these rotation pairs need to be low cost to help you afford the premium players in the game.

In this article, BigManBakar looks at seven FPL rotation pairs using the help of Fantasy Football Hub's fixture ticker.


Every FPL manager has their own opinion on rotations, but I focus on budget rotation pairs to target clean sheets over attacking returns. Attacking returns just aren't as predictable, and I hate leaving any on the bench too.

As such, in this article I've focused on the best rotating FPL defenders instead of attackers. Let's take a look at them.

Best FPL Budget Rotation Pairs | Brighton and Leeds

First Eight Fixtures: Burnley (A), Watford (H), Burnley (A), Brentford (A), Newcastle (A), Crystal Palace (A), Watford (H), Norwich (A)

In my opinion, Brighton have the best £4.5m FPL defenders in the game.

Brighton were only behind Chelsea and Man City for expected goals (xG) and big chances conceded last season. Ever since Robert Sánchez became a regular, only three Premier League teams kept more clean sheets than Brighton.

Tariq Lamptey is the £4.5m asset that excites me the most. He is locked in my team if he proves his fitness in pre-season.

When he was fit last season, he was second among all defenders for penalty area touches. Rotating him with the likes of Diego Llorente (£4.5m) or Luke Ayling (£4.5m) from Leeds give us a succession of favourable fixtures.

Luke Ayling was unlucky not to register more attacking returns last season, particularly when he was playing as a full back. Overall, he created 27 chances for his team mates, including five big chances, but failed to record a single assist.

I don't think he is one you can rely on consistently for attacking returns because his underlying numbers as a full back aren't as impressive as Lamptey's, but he can do a job in a rotation.

Lamptey is a great rotation FPLdefender

Best FPL Budget Rotation Pairs | Brighton and Leicester

First Eight Fixtures: Wolves (H), Watford (H), Norwich (A), Brentford (A), Brighton (A), Burnley (H), Crystal Palace (A), Norwich (A)

Though many FPL managers are backing Wesley Fofana (£4.5m), his low points ceiling makes him a poor standalone asset.

Just the five bonus points in 27 starts with zero goals means that you are relying solely on clean sheets if you plan on playing him week in and week out.

Rotating him with a Brighton defender gives you the opportunity to make optimal use of him.

Best FPL Budget Rotation Pairs | Brighton and West Ham

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