Wondering who are the best FPL premium forwards to own for Gameweek 1? You've come to the right place.

This season in Fantasy Premier League there seems to be a wide berth of good forward options. Surprisingly the highest forward price point is only £10.5m. There seems to be some real value in the forwards' positions which could bring back the old guard 3-4-3. Fantasy football is always more fun when there are a wide variety of strikers to choose from as cheering for a goal is more fun than hoping for a clean sheet or assist. We will be taking a look at the best striker options in the Fantasy Premier League game this season.

Timo Werner (£9.5m)

For me personally Timo Werner’s signing for Chelsea is the most exciting of the season fantasy football wise. He is just such a promising and exciting player and is a fantasy football manager’s dream and I will explain why. Werner is a proven elite goal scorer with an incredible record in the Bundesliga. Looking at his numbers last season he finished the league as the second highest scorer, behind Robert Lewandowski, with 28 goals and he even managed eight assists which shows he can do more than just score. At only the tender age of 24, he is only going to get better and seems to have joined Chelsea at the right time in his career (especially for us fantasy football managers). Furthermore, with Christian Pulisic (£8.5m), and new arrival Hakim Ziyech (£8.0m), and the strong possibility of Kai Havertz also linking up with the Blues he will have an abundance of quality service.

Let’s have a look at some of this stats from last season:

Games played: 34
Goals: 28
Expected Goals: 23.45
Shots on Target: 64
Minutes per Goal: 100
Assists: 8
Expected Assists: 9.68
Chances Created: 61
Key passes: 53

As you can see he is a volume player and gets a lot of shots off which is music to the ears of fantasy football managers and is also not a dab hand at creating chances. He really does seem like the complete striker and his stats and output back this up. I don’t usually start with new players to the league but do make exceptions in some cases when the evidence is overwhelming. Plenty of players have come to the Premier League from Europe and hit it off from the start such as Aubameyang and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to name a few. I would have had faith in Werner to do well no matter what team he went to in all honestly but with this Chelsea team I can see him having a stellar debut season.

Best FPL forwards predicted points Gameweek 1

Forward point predictions over first 4 Gameweeks. Werner comes out on top

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To add further weight to my Timo pick Chelsea don’t have a blank in Gameweek one and have an excellent set of opening fixtures. Aside from playing Liverpool (a) in Gameweek two, they play Brighton (a), West Brom (a), Crystal Palace (H), and Southampton (H) in their first five games.

Chelsea Fixtures:

Best Premium forwards Werner Fixtures

Sergio Aguero (£10.5m)

The Argentinian needs no introduction to fantasy football managers and is not only a club legend but one among the fantasy football community too. In his nine seasons (263 games) playing in the Premier League is has notched 180 goals and 64 (fantasy) assists. That averages out to a return every 0.92 games! It’s a shame he has never gone a full season without being injured for a significant period of time otherwise his goals and assists record be frightening. He scored 16 goals and 6 assists last season despite being out injured for 12 games. He also had the best goals to game ratio averaging a goal every 91 minutes. If he is fit then he is by far the best forward and best value forward in the game. It seems strange that he is only £10.5m but with Gabriel Jesus (£9.5m) in the picture and a manager who loves to rotate in Pep Guardiola it may be a fairer price than first presumed. He will inevitably find himself in many a manager's team as he is will undoubtedly go on his goal-scoring sprees and it’s good to target him for their good fixtures. The rotation is just part and parcel so we will just have to take it on the chin and reap the rewards when it pays off and accept it when he does get benched.

Best FPL Forward and Striker Aguero

As we know though Manchester City start the season with a blank Gameweek and then face Wolves (a). So a plan to bring Sergio in for Gameweek three is probably wise.

Manchester City Fixtures:

Best FPL Strikers 2020/2021 Season


Harry Kane (£10.5m)

There is no doubt that Harry Kane has been on the decline in the past few seasons. From being played deeper to being overplayed and injury problems he has gone from scoring 20+ goals for four seasons on the trot to 18 goals last season and 17 in 2018-19. Now these aren’t numbers to be sniffed at and shows how potent he is in front of goal, despite these obstacles he is still scoring. The drop in goal ratio is alarming however, still, and his price this season reflects that.

Harry Kane goals and assist record in the Premier League since 2014-15:

Season Minutes Played Goals Assists FPL Points
2014-15 2581 21 7 191
2015-16 3363 25 3 211
2016-17 2523 29 7 224
2017-18 3074 29 2 217
2018-19 2423 17 6 160
2019-20 2588 18 2 158

If we compare him with Aguero last season on ‘per appearance’ via the Comparison Tool we can see that Sergio has his number in a number of key areas:

Sergio vs Harry 2019-20:
Big Chances: 25 vs 20
Shots in the Box: 65 vs 51
Shots on Target: 28 vs 37
Touches in Box: 142 vs 124
Expected Goals: 13.93 vs 13.06
Expected Assists: 5.17 vs 4.73

Kane vs Aguero Who's the best striker to own?

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As we can see Kane only beats him on Shots on Target and with Aguero that doesn’t really count for much as he is such a prolific finisher. The reason I compared these two is because they are the best forwards in the game and are the only two forwards priced at £10.5m. On choosing which one we want for our team isn’t as clear cut though as the stats suggest, however. We know Kane is absolutely nailed to play when fit and has penalties over the Argentinean (Kevin De Bruyne is now the penalty taker) too. But as we know timing is ever so important in fantasy football. With Aguero’s blank and Kane having a fixture in Gameweek one and with a set of very nice fixtures if you are choosing one to start the season it has to be the Spurs man. Furthermore, the England forward scored seven goals since the restart in Gameweek 30 (maybe the break did him good in terms of rest) and he looked incredible so if he can replicate that form going into the season maybe we could see the HurriKane of old?

Spurs Fixtures:

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Jamie Vardy (£10.0m)

The Fox’s forward finished last season as the top goal scorer picking up the golden boot with 23 goals and 7 assists. This inevitably also saw him finish with the most points from the forwards with 210 points. Since his breakthrough season in 2015-16 he has been nothing short of prolific and always been a reliable option. He comes in at £10.0m this season which is a bit of an awkward price point but with his goal scoring pedigree and being a nailed starter there aren’t much better options. He has the highest goal conversion rate of the aforementioned strikers with a 32% frequency and recorded 35 Big Chances which was more than any other player in the league.  His starting fixtures are also great and not only does he not blank in gameweek one but has a plum game with West Brom (a). Additionally, he plays Burnley (H), West Ham United (H) and Aston Villa (H) in the first five games. I can see him getting off to a goal scoring start for sure.

Best premium FPL Strikers - Vardy

Leicester Fixtures:


Danny Ings (£8.5m)

Danny Ings had a phenomenal season and was unlucky not to get the golden boot. He was only one goal behind Jamie Vardy finishing the season on 22 goals and 2 assists which saw him pick up 198 points. An absolute bargain as he started last season at £6.0m. You can’t help but feel happy for him as his career has been ravaged with injury but last term he managed to stay fit for the whole season and he then showed us what he is capable of. After only managing 2,252 minutes in his last four seasons combined before 2019-20, he played 2800 minutes last season alone and remarkably played in all 38 league games, starting in 32 of them. His goal conversion is higher than Vardy’s at 33% which shows his prolificacy. Southampton face just two of last season’s top eight teams in the opening eight games so he is an extremely good option to start with and I imagine a lot of fantasy managers will have him from the off. He is currently in my team and I don’t see him going anywhere.

Southampton Fixtures:


Raul Jimenez (£8.5m)

Since his arrival in the Premier League with Wolves two seasons ago the Mexican has been one of the most consistent forwards in the league. After having a fantastic debut season bagging 13 goals and 10 assists, he bettered that last term with 17 goals and 7 assists. He was top from all the forwards last season in shots (118), and Shots in the Box (93) and he was also top for Big Chances Created (13). If that’s not enough he also played the most minutes (3,241) out of all the forwards and was only benched in one league game all season starting 37 out of 38.  He really is an all-round striker and with penalties at his disposal also there is nothing more a fantasy football manager can ask for. His first two games aren’t the best on paper (Sheffield United (a) and Manchester City (H) but he has shown that he can score against anybody as he notched vs Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Spurs last season.

It will be a tough pick between Raul and Danny. They are priced the same and have similar output. Ings is more prolific whereas Jimenez has much better volume as can be seen in the comparison below. Personally I think the Saints man is a better option for the first 10 or so games as his fixtures are better but I can see Jimenez outscoring him over the course of the season.


Ings vs Jimenez 2019-20:


Southampton vs Wolves Fixtures via Ticker:

Hub's Premium FPL Forwards Power ranking

Taking everything into consideration, new boy Werner comes out on top with our top five forwards being:

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