As of Wednesday 5th March, all of the fixtures for Blank Gameweek 31 have been finalised. We now know exactly which Premier League teams have a fixture and who doesn’t.  Now with all the fixtures confirmed we can look at chip strategies and transfer plans.


What we know

Below are the only four fixtures will go ahead in Blank Gameweek 31:

Friday 20th March  

Spurs vs West Ham United

Saturday 21st March

Burnley vs Watford

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Sunday 22nd March 

Wolves vs Bournemouth



You can access Ben Crellin’s blank double Gameweek sheet here (for free!).


Free Hit Chip

With only four fixtures I guess first thoughts would be using the FH chip is a no brainer. However when you look at the teams playing, with the likes of Liverpool and Wolves especially a team of 7+ decent players can be assembled fairly easily for most. A lot will have triple Liverpool already, and one to three Wolves players. That’s a half a squad already. You will either have three or four free transfers available up to BGW31.

With two Double Gameweeks to come in GW34 and GW37, I believe its much more optimal to use the FH chip in one of these big Double Gameweeks. Of course, this is all team dependant. If somehow you currently only have less than four players for BGW31 then using the FH chip is probably the right move for you. There really is no right or wrong answer. You just have to see where you are at just now, not where you wish you were and act accordingly. Don’t get too swayed or disheartened if the majority are not going down the same route as you. Majority opinion does not guarantee success, especially in FPL



Another way to approach Gameweek 31 would be to use the wildcard. With the unexpected Double Gameweek in 29, this has thrown a real spanner in the works for most. KdB who most already have (owned by 50.1% overall and 80% in the top 10k) is now also an injury doubt for Manchester Derby and maybe even beyond according to Pep Guardiola.

Also with Aubamayang at such an awkward high price (£11m) it will be tough to get him in without hits unless you have a bit of money in the bank already. Therefore Wildcarding now and setting yourself up for GW29 and GW31 could be a shrewd move. Also, take into consideration that the six blank fixtures for Gameweek 31 (see image below) will most likely be played in the midweeks in Gameweeks 34 and 37.



Looking Forward – Double Gameweek 34

The semi-finals of the FA Cup will clash with Gameweek 34 so a maximum of four Premier League games will be postponed in this Gameweek.

For Double Gameweek 34 the only four Premier League fixtures definitely going ahead currently are:

West Ham United v Burnley

Everton v Southampton

Brighton vs Liverpool 

Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur

There is a free midweek in Double Gameweek 34 in which postponed games from Gameweeks 28, 31 and 34 will be played. The following fixtures still have to be arranged:

Manchester City v Newcastle United

Aston Villa v Sheffield United

Leicester City v Brighton 

Chelsea v Manchester City

Manchester United v Sheffield United

Norwich City v Everton

Southampton v Arsenal

Newcastle United v Aston Villa

We will most likely have more information on these fixtures after Gameweek 31 and when they will be played.



Access Ben Crellin’s blank double Gameweek sheet here (for free!).

For more information on upcoming Blanks and Doubles please see our guide here and we will update this article as and when we get any more information so stay tuned.

Thanks to Ben Crellin again for doing all the hard work and you can access his handy planning sheet here to navigate all the Doubles and Blanks effortlessly.


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