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05/08/2018 11:02 pm  
I don't know if anybody likes to play predict the score games, but I have found two which are enjoyable the first is:
It costs £10 and predict the scores each week. I came third last season and won the world cup comp. Was paid out very quickly.
The second is the talksport prediction game. I have found one which is £15 a head while looking at the mini leagues so found that and joined (searched twitter for chairman) and his tweet lead me too:
Seems to be running for 11 years. Last season is says had 48 players with £225 for first place. The person's twitter handle is @Lands82 if you want to speak to him.

Ian Parrin
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06/08/2018 7:27 pm  

I'll give this a go. £10 for the season is just over 25p per week. Can't buy much for that these days!