FPL - Maddison repl...

FPL - Maddison replacement options  


Ste H
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08/11/2018 5:54 pm  

Richarlison, Fraser, Anderson? Who we thinking and why?

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08/11/2018 5:56 pm  

Same position Ste. Tempted by a punt on Anderson, but will probably go Rich 

Will Thomas
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08/11/2018 5:57 pm  

Fortunately, I don't own. My order would be Richarlison, Anderson then Fraser out of those

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Paul Jones
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08/11/2018 7:17 pm  

Dont have him either. 

Would be looking to Richarlison, but was there a suggestion of an injury to him earlier in the week too?

Martial an option if you have some spare change laying around & can look past the City game.