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06/02/2019 11:13 am  

This week I'm joined by Mark Mc Gettigan aka @FPLGeneral. Hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7iVdYlwHOo&t   Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel  Follow me on twitter Links: Mark's Twitter https://twitter.com/FPLGeneral Ben Crellin's planner https://fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/ben-crellins-fpl-transfer-planning-sheet/ Jossy's planner https://fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/jossys-fpl-planner/ Comparison Tool: https://fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/fpl-player-comparision-tool/ Fixture Ticker: https://fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/fixture-ticker/ [mepr-show if="loggedout"] Become a Fantasy Football Hub member for just £1 If you’re…

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