Mo Salah or No Sala...

Mo Salah or No Salah - FPL  


Pinky and Debruyne
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04/09/2018 12:50 pm  

A simple one. On a wildcard.

Would/are you going with Mo?

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04/09/2018 12:53 pm  

Mane looks like he could match him for a lot less. Its a risk though with 50%+ ownership. I'll probably be going without 

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04/09/2018 12:59 pm  

Can't see past Salah ?

Liverpool have some tough fixtures, but that doesn't seem to stop them scoring. Only slight worry is whether his minutes are reduced... even then he has shown he can get a brace in last 20 minutes

Alex Hemmings
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04/09/2018 1:56 pm  

My main concern was the lack of Alonso, he's been killing my rank every week. I rectified it by doing Salah & Tomkins - Alonso & Hazard. Looks good on paper and there is no better time to do it with the upcoming fixtures. No Salah and his ownership is always a massive concern though.

Will Thomas
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04/09/2018 7:01 pm  

Like @sophie, I can't see past Salah. Done very little to suggest we need to ditch (if anything the opposite)

If you use @shotsontarget comparison tool it's very hard to find a player that comes close to his underlying stats






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Paul Jones
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05/09/2018 9:48 am  

Yep, I'm with @ffhwill and @sophie on this one. He's not been explosive yet but his consistency is key for me and it's not like he's not been getting the chances. He puts one or two of those away and I suspect that this isn't even a conversation. My blog team is on wildcard and have taken him out just to see what I could do, but he's definitely coming back.

That being said, I can't disagree with @mingo either. If anyone is seriously thinking about it, now is probably the time.

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05/09/2018 2:21 pm  

Currently have my WC without but plenty of time to bottle it!

I fully understand the argument about underlying stats but last year it was only Pep that could play roulette! Shaqiri & a healthy (for now) Sturridge make rotation - or at the very least management of the front threes minutes - a much more viable proposition for Klopp this time around before and after ECL games