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Assist scoring help?

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Hi folks, I'm hoping somebody can help me out with my Sky FF query as I've contacted Sky themselves but don't seem to be getting rational replies!

Raheem Sterling is currently in my team and, in the match on Sunday vs Arsenal, he had 2 assists - one in the 44th minute, one in the 61st minute. But in Sky FF he has only been credited with the 44th minute assist. I've checked OPTA stats which show the 2 assists and Sky say they take their scoring from OPTA.

Last night I contacted Sky FF regarding this, below is the transcripts of where we are:

Me: Curious as to why Raheem Sterling wasn’t awarded 2 x assists in the game against Arsenal yesterday? OPTA stats show him as having 2 assists. Is the scoring in Sky FF different?

Sky: Assist points are not awarded for a penalty that is won by a handball I’m afraid.

Me: Thanks for the reply. However, there were no penalties awarded in this game, all goals came from open play. Sterling had an assist on the 44th minute goal (which you have awarded) but also was the assist on the 61st minute goal which you haven't awarded yet, as I hope you can see on the attached screenshot, OPTA stats also show the assist.

Sky: The official stats for the Sky fantasy football game are solely provided by OPTA and they have not awarded an assist for Sterling regarding the rules of how assist are awarded for the competition I'm afraid. Their decision is final regarding the allocation of assists for the competition. Any complaints will need to be made to OPTA.

Am I being thick? Why wouldn't the second assit be awarded? I thought it was as clear an assist as could be! Every 3 points count  ? 

TIA, Russ

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Hi Russ I have been wondering exactly the same thing as I have Sterling in my team.   If Aguero is awarded the goal, even if the ball did go in off of his arm, then surely Sterling assisted that goal and should be awarded the assist.