Diary of a Dream Team season

Here is my Diary of a Dream Team season. I have picked one of my teams and I will follow it throughout the course of the season.

Brief Overview and thoughts

With the Sun Dream Team it’s free to play and you get to enter ten teams. You can just enter one if you wish though.

This is where you can use some different strategies for each of your teams. I tend to pick a pool of players that I’ll use and perm them between the ten teams. Some people prefer to enter full blocks of defenders and a goalkeeper. They do this so that if one team gets off to a flier with two or three clean sheets they’ll be in a good position.

Now The Sun includes all competitions in point scoring, Premier League, Champions League – including qualifiers, Europa League also including qualifiers and League Cup and FA cup.

There are three transfers a calendar month and players prices will rise and fall depending on points scored over a three and five week average. So if Harry Kane priced at 8m doesn’t score for a few weeks he may well drop up to 0.3m a week.

I look at it month to month. In the first month Liverpool have an extra two games over Chelsea, Manchester City and United and Tottenham. As they are playing in the Champions League qualifiers. Everton the same with the Europa league but with some tricky Premier league games.

I’ve picked my current best performing team to date and we’ll follow it through the season with updates on transfers made and all other aspects.

My Team for the season

Here is my team


That team comes in at 48m so I have 2m spare for transfers.

So I went for the Liverpool trio of Mane, Salah and Firmino as they had the two extra games in August. I can say it paid off with them getting 23, 18 and 31 points respectively.

Paul Pogba is a whoscored favourite and as I’ve mentioned before they provide the player ratings and starman based on their own scoring algorithm.

I decided to leave out Harry Kane in the hope that he continues his August drought and that he would drop in price and I could then bring him in slightly cheaper.

Kompany if he can stay fit is a bargain at 3.5m and Valencia at 4m I thought was a good price also. Hegazi was a gamble at 1.5m but with a couple of clean sheets a goal and a starman has proved to be a shrewd pick. Like Hegazi I went for Ben Foster as I though West Brom had some good fixtures in August.

Stephens of Southampton has been the only let down so far with just three points to his name. I’ll be looking to move him on after the weekend with one of my three August transfers.

Also Aguero with just eight points hasn’t exactly set the world alight. I’m hoping he can get a goal or two this weekend against Bournemouth.

I’m currently 565th with 187 points.