Dream Team disaster

So I decided to hold out on bringing Harry Kane in for Mkhitryan. Everton away and Dortmund at home. No he won’t do much in those. I was hoping he’d drop in price, Mkhitryan would rise and I’d be laughing. Well 38 points later with a brace in each, one assist and two starman awards I was far from laughing. Coupled with Mkhitryan only getting three points in two games meant I was 35 points worse off. If I had of made that move then I’d comfortably be in the top three hundred but I didn’t so I’m now languishing around the seven thousand mark.

It was a bad call. I was hoping that Harry Kane wouldn’t score and would drop another 0.3m in price but it wasn’t to be. Lesson learnt.

This was my team for gameweek three. A poor scoring week with just 44 points.



On hearing that Vincent Kompany was injured on international duty I decided to take him out for Phil Jones on the Saturday. United looked likely to get two clean sheets in game week four. Only Stoke had other ideas scoring twice. Then he didn’t play in the Champions League game so that was another disappointment . I still had two transfers left for September which I planned on using to bring Harry Kane in and moving on Hegazi. The injury to Pogba and Mane’s red card and subsequent three match ban have meant that I had to keep hold of Hegazi. I did move on the aforementioned Pogba and Mane for De Bruyne and Harry Kane on Thursday night. I did this then to beat the price increases for Kane and De Bruyne that would occur on the Friday morning.


My team now lines up like this and I have used up all of Septembers transfers so I have to hope for the best in the coming weeks.

Team Value

My team is now worth 55.2m. Most of my team rose in price when Friday’s 7am variable player pricing kicked in. Lukaku, Firmino, Salah, Mkhitryan, Valencia, Phil Jones, Hegazi and De Gea all rose by 0.3m. Stephen’s remained the same. De Bruyne rose 0.1m and  Harry Kane who I brought in on Thursday night for 7.7m rose by 0.3m to take him back up to 8m. Mane and Pogba I managed to transfer out before they dropped 0.2m and 0.1m respectively. It looks likely that it is a five game rolling average. Of course, its great to gain value but as I found out last week with Harry Kane its points that matter.

Transfer strategy

The ideal plan would be to have a cheap player like Hegazi that you acquire for 1.5m and get three maximum price rises and he would rise to 2.4m. With a bit of luck you’d get a 3.5m defender who has had a bad start and drops to 2.5 after three weeks of 0.3m rises/falls and you can almost do a straight swap. Of course the best laid plans don’t always work out and other issues come up. On the plus side I don’t have to carry an injured Pogba or banned Mane until next month.

I’m happy with most of my team. Hegazi and Stephen’s will be the two I look to move on when I get Octobers transfer allocation. It would also be nice to move Firmino to Jesus or Aguero.

Current Points 293

Current Position 6939th


How’s your team doing? feel free to comment with your team and position and how things are going for you.