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An average scoring week leading to a tiny red arrow in a very low-scoring week. Only Tarkowski (1.6% owned) with a clean sheet and max BPS, Pepe (3.4% owned) with an assist and Haller (5.2% owned) returned anything, with my first captaincy fail for a while and my big players not really turning up leading to a disappointing week.




I have the obvious Lloris (6.8% owned) problem to deal with but probably a little more urgent in this format are that some players are starting the exceed the 10% ownership threshold. D.Silva has crept to 10.4% owned whilst Vardy has also risen to 10.3% ownership so my transfer out will be one of these. Pereira is on the cusp with 9.9% ownership whilst Mahrez at 9.6% owned will likely also be leaving this team in the coming weeks. For this week I have taken out Vardy for Jiminez, who at 8.7% owned and with a sea of good fixtures ahead could score well in the coming week.



I will also captain Jiminez this coming Gameweek against Southampton. Here is the GW9 team:



Good luck everyone for GW9 and may your differentials bring you green arrows!

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