The Watchlist continues to deliver value with Digne, Keane and Schindler returning. Zabaleta and Balbuena aside, every player rose in ownership from last week and Digne and Keane also rose in value.

One of the top pieces of FPL advice I follow is to always look ahead to a minimum of three weeks in advance when making transfers and try to focus on fixing the weakest link. This helps build and maintain a well-rounded team with good depth and good point-scoring potential all over the pitch rather than relying on just a few key players each week. In my opinion, far too much thinking is spent on who to captain each week, rather than how to maximise your budget across your squad, spending money in the right places, maintaining structural flexibility and ensuring a continual influx of points from across your team. Successful FPL managers have well-balanced teams with a focus on value all over the pitch; the boring moves are the winning moves and the difference between finishing in the top 200k and the top 20k.

The Watchlist is focussed on lesser obvious picks with potential good value that can keep our scores ticking along whether the big boys’ fire or not. They are not sexy nor exciting and I’m not saying to bring them in right away, but they are players that I feel can offer great value to a squad over the medium term and give those extra few points in the background that we all crave each week. Some of them will also be ideal bench players so that when needed will come in and hopefully bring some points with them.


Success – 4.6m (Watford) – 3.8% owned

The best striker option for a perma-bench third striker but was benched last week and the up-coming fixtures aren’t that good.

Perez – 6.1m (Newcastle) – 1.3% owned

Rondon looks to be the main man up front at the moment for Newcastle. Perez is a top player but hasn’t been consistently returning.



Zabaleta – 4.3m (West Ham) – 2.5% owned

A cheap defender with a great long stretch of up-coming fixtures with seven good fixtures in a row and has showed attacking potential.

Schindler – 4.3m (Huddersfield) – 2.6% owned

A cheap playing 5th defender who offers good BPS potential when keeping a clean sheet and has attacking threat. Six good fixtures in the next eight.

Digne – 4.9m (Everton) – 3.0% owned

Looks very attacking, on some set pieces and Everton have a couple of good home fixtures coming up after Liverpool this week. Good rotation option and another clean sheet last weekend.

Kenedy – 4.9m (Newcastle) – 1.7% owned

Very attacking, good shooting stats and five good fixtures on the bounce. A good fourth or fifth midfield option depending on your team structure.

Camarasa – 4.5m (Cardiff) – 1.7% owned

Looks a top player, on set pieces and very advanced. Only one difficult fixture in the next six so could bring some points off your bench.

Balbuena – 4.4m (West Ham) – 0.9% owned

Great fixtures as per Zabaleta and some attacking threat, currently in my team.

Diangana – 4.5m (West Ham) – 0.3% owned

An amazing run of fixtures coming up; a rotation risk but worth a place on our benches and maybe even some starts.

Keane – 5.0m (Everton) – 4.0% owned

A surprisingly high number of points so far this season comparable to Luiz, Azpilicueta and within reach of the Man City defenders. Good immediate fixtures after this Liverpool game. A real threat at set-pieces, a clean sheet and BPS points last weekend

Yedlin – 4.5m (Newcastle) – 1.6% owned

Newcastle have started to turn it around and Yedlin does play in an advanced position. Five good fixtures on the bounce.



Townsend – 5.7m (Crystal Palace) – 1.0% owned

A surprise maybe but for me he passes the eye test. Very advanced, loves a shot and always involved in the attacking play.

Dubravka – 5.0m (Newcastle) – 0.6% owned

The seventh highest scoring goalkeeper surprisingly considering the start Newcastle had. Five good fixtures on the bounce and a potential rotation option for Patricio.


My Twitter handle is @Fergi222, so please give me a follow and feel free to ask for any advice.

Good luck everyone for GW14!

PS, if you haven’t seen already my first video appearance with Will



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