What is a Double Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

A Double Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) occurs when a team has two matches within a Gameweek.

They are usually caused by Premier League fixtures being rearranged due to other cup competitions. Double Gameweeks often occur towards the end of the season when cup competitions are past the quarter-final stage.

Using Chips to Navigate Double Gameweeks in FPL

A popular chip strategy highlighted by Fantasy Football Hub’s FPL_Salah is to use the Bench Boost in a Double Gameweek. This chip includes the score of your bench players on top of your starting eleven.

The second Wildcard can be used to load up on 15 of these Double Gameweek players a week or two prior to the double. A Wildcard allows you to make unlimited transfers to your team and, unlike the Free Hit, the changes are permanent.

You could also activate the Triple Captaincy chip on a Double Gameweek player, especially during one of the smaller doubles which are yet to be confirmed.

When are the Blank and Double Gameweeks 2021/22?

For all the details and tips you will ever need to successfully navigate the Blank and Double Gameweeks during a season, make sure you visit our Double Gameweek Guide 2021/22 (coming soon).

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