5 winning tips from the Dream Team strategy and tips series from reigning overall champion Fergi. In this series he shares his winning tips for a successful season exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

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As some of you may know I was fortunate enough to win Dream Team last season and I took a lot from the experience. I learned some seriously good tips from some great managers along the way and in this article I will try to articulate those tips, combined with my own learnings, to give you the best chance of being successful at Dream Team in this coming season.

Let's get into it.


5 Winning Dream Team Tips

1. Keep an eye on projected player price rises and falls

Player prices refresh every Friday (after Week 1) at 7am with some players rising or falling in price by up to 0.3m depending on their point-scoring over the previous two weeks. 

When plotting a transfer(s), consider whether your players you are bringing in and taking out will likely be rising and/or falling in price and make the transfer either pre-Friday am (the Thursday evening works!) or post-Friday 7am to maximise your budget. 

Building your budget early, whilst not the only thing to think about, helps massively in future months as your affordable player pool widens.


2. Plan transfers depending on kick-off days and times

As Dream Team allows us to make transfers between fixtures during scoring Weeks, if you plan carefully you will be able to use your transfers in the most optimal way to ensure you don't miss the hauls you are after.

For example, in this season's opening fixtures, if Harry Kane moves to Manchester City then he will very likely not be available for them until Week 2 (3pm Saturday), Week 3 (12.30pm Saturday) or even after the international break.

With this in mind, you can start with another player to maximise points but know that should Kane start any of the earlier games, which are both on Saturdays, that you will likely be able to see the line-ups before transferring him in if he starts, as the player you will be taking out is likely to play after him. 

Conversely, if those matches had fallen later in the scoring Week, you could have planned differently rather than realising at the last moment and making rash transfers.


3. Transfer management

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