Euro 2020 Dream Team Fantasy Football Tips

Serial top 100 challenger @DreamteamRating shares his Euro 2020 Dream Team strategy, best players and tips exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

Gary has had plenty of Dream Team success in cash mini leagues over the years culminating in a very impressive 10th placed overall finish in the 2019/20 season. 

If you're new to the game, don't forget to read our 'How to Play Dream Team Euro 2020' Guide.

Euro 2020 Dream Team Tips | The Best Teams

Before I start, it's worth stressing that big players don't necessarily make good Dream Team fantasy picks. Focusing on reliable under-the-radar options with a high ceiling is a far more reliable way to get ahead of the curve from the get-go. More on that shortly.

In my opinion, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands are the best teams to target in the Euro 2020 group stages.

The Spanish have a very favourable group. Moreover, topping this group secures them a last-16 fixture against a third-placed team from one of groups A, B, C or D.

Belgium will surely be popular, but with Kevin De Bruyne likely to miss at least one game, their attacking output may not be as prolific as their supporters are hoping for.

I expect the Italians will be very organised. It's hard to see them winning many of their group games by a large goal margin, but their defensive rigidity makes them worthy of consideration.

The Dutch are a bit more of a gamble, but with a pretty straightforward group and Memphis Depay in fine form, they should have enough firepower to win this group comfortably.

euro 2020 fantasy football netherlands

England are joint-favourites to win the tournament, but with a deceptively tricky group and a challenging path to the final, Harry Kane is the only real option for me.

As for Group F, I'll be backing Cristiano Ronaldo for the Hungary game. After that, I just cannot see the potential for big points from any player or team in that group.

Euro 2020 Dream Team Tips | Transfer strategy

This is where it gets serious.

You need to maximise the number of games you get out of your transfers. Don't bring in a player for one game then switch him out to someone else for the next game. It just won't work in the long term.

You should base your transfer strategy on getting four group games out of each transfer.

For example, you might start with Lukaku for Belgium's first two games and then switch him out for a player that has only played once at that point (like Harry Kane), and keep him for his next two games.

Euro 2020 fantasy football tips forwards

Another way to execute this strategy is to keep a player for their opening fixture before switching him for a player who is yet to play, keeping him for his entire group phase.

Using your 20 transfers sparingly in the group stages affords you far more flexibility when it's needed the most: in the knockout rounds. As such, I recommend you use a maximum of half your transfers during the group stages. Less if possible.

If you do drop behind, remember that those ahead of you might well have used the majority of their transfers to get there. Be patient: you'll likely make up that ground in due course.

I'd advise you to go for a block defence if entering multiple teams. If that's not an option, try to limit your defensive diversity to just two sides. Otherwise, you're relying on big points from your defenders just to keep you in the game.

Euro 2020 Dream Team Tips | Attacking Pairings

When creating my sides I like to pair a midfielder and a striker from the same side.

For example, combining Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes or Bernardo Silva can really pay dividends if Portugal steamroll an opponent.

Euro 2020 Dream Team Tips | Best Players

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