DreamSport Fantasy Football

With the end of season frenzy taking place at the weekend, you may not have noticed this:

dreamsport fantasy football

@BigManBakar is playing DreamSport

DreamSport launched over the weekend and they’re an ideal platform for anyone that loves fantasy sports, especially Fantasy Football. All the games are free to play and there are lots of amazing prizes on offer.

Create private mini-leagues and challenge your mates.

It’s quick and easy to register:

dreamsport fantasy football

DreamSport Simple Registration Screen

  1. Choose a username
  2. Select a password
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Check the box and click register
  5. Enter the code that has been sent to your phone
  6. That’s it – Enjoy the game!

Champions League Final

Deadline: Saturday 29 May 2020 @ 20:00 BST

Free DreamSport UEFA Champions League Game

Everybody around the world will be watching this one. I personally would love a last minute Agueroooo winner. It was amazing to see once again what he can do against Everton, and Pep couldn’t hold back the emotion when he talked about him.

It’s going to be so exciting watching the game, and it always enhances the experience when I have some Fantasy players to cheer on. DreamSport are offering the following prizes:

DreamSport UEFA Champions League Free Game Prizes

All you need to do is pick the five players you think will score the most fantasy points after the handicap is deducted. You don’t need to worry about player prices, here’s my draft:

DreamSport UEFA Champions League Free Game Draft

The scoring is almost the same as FPL:

dreamsport fantasy football

DreamSport Scoring compared to FPL

DreamSport Euro 2020 Game

Deadline: Saturday 29 May 2020 @ 20:00 BST

Free DreamSport EURO 2020 Game

Let’s face it, this season has been a grind and we’re all looking forward to a break. However, after a week you just know you’re going to be itching to get back into it. Twitter and social media will be bombarding you with the Euros. So, why not get involved in this free game?

It’s really easy to play, it’s fun, it doesn’t cost a penny and most importantly you can win some amazing prizes! What’s not to like?!

At Fantasy Football Hub, we have so much Euro 2020 content planned that you will have plenty of ideas of what to do with your team.

Do you think you can build a better squad than this?

DreamSport EURO 2020 Draft Team

Why not have a go? Head over to DreamSport, register a team for free and prove it.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Are you interested in playing Euro 2020 Fantasy Football? Head over to the Hub’s landing page for guides, tips, advice, team previews and everything you could ever need to enjoy and be successful at the Euros this summer!

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Tips


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