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Essential Wolves FPL Stats | Attacking Numbers

My lasting memory of Wolves in the 20/21 season was that they were a passive team. They attempted the fewest number of pressures in the final third (903), 70 fewer than the next team, West Ham.

With the ball the stat that stood out was that Wolves had the 2nd fewest unsuccessful passes (2954). Only Man City had less (2730).

I didn’t recall them being such precise passers when watching them last season so I kept digging. It turns out that they played the 8th fewest through balls (20). This would indicate their passing was not progressive.

The way Wolves moved the ball up the field was by dribbling. They attempted the joint-most dribbles last season with Fulham (850). Conflictingly, they had the most failed dribbles (382), and 3rd most successful dribbles (468).

The Best Wolves FPL Players 2021/22


An interesting symptom of Wolves’ dribbling is that they were often fouled. Indeed, they had the 4th most attempts from set pieces (133). Another result of the elevated dribbling stats was that Wolves managed the 2nd fewest assists (21), and big chances (46) of non-relegated teams.

Wolves tried attacking in two ways last season: crossing and counter-attacks.

They had the 2nd most crosses from open play (580), and the 2nd most chances from counter-attacks (24).

It will be interesting to see how Lage (not pronounced “lager”) transforms this side into one that suits his more direct style with a target striker. Lage will have this team trying to press from midfield, but his flanks are often vulnerable as he likes to send wingbacks forward.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on this intriguing Wolves side.

As you tinker, I will leave you with a quote that I often use as a mantra “Grab on tightly, let go lightly.”


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