Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips | When to Stick or Twist Your Captain?

FFHub’s Deputy Editor @FFH_James explores a predicament that many Euro 2020 fantasy managers have already faced: when should you “stick” or “twist” your team’s captain?

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How do Captains Work in Euro 2020 Fantasy Football?

If you’re anything like my Dad (and I hope, for the sake of your fantasy team, that you’re not), you’ll be confused about how captaincy works on the official UEFA fantasy game.

What starts off as standard-issue armband allocation quickly morphs into some sort of perverse game of fantasy blackjack.

That’s because in the Euro 2020 fantasy game, you’re allowed to move your captaincy each day. That means you can captain Romelu Lukaku on the Saturday and, if you fancy it, strip him of his prestigious title and move it over to Harry Kane for Sunday’s set of fixtures. It’s all a little bit much.

As some of us have had to learn the hard way, once the decision to move the armband has been confirmed, it cannot be reversed.

That would be akin to asking your blackjack dealer to show you the card you’re about to be dealt before you decide on whether or not to stick or twist. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen, sunshine.


Euro 2020 Fantasy Football | What’s a “Good” Captain Score?

It’s almost like the head offices at UEFA HQ are powered by the incessant brow-furrowing of fantasy managers. If indeed we are all linked up to a generator, UEFA HQ must’ve been aglow by the time the final whistle blew in Rome last Friday.

Not only did Lorenzo Insigne (eight points) and Ciro Immobile (nine points) both perform well, but their points totals also fell right in the sweet-spot somewhere between sleepless nights and remorseless migraines.

The question was simple for those Euro 2020 fantasy managers who backed one of them: would any of my players left to play beat these scores?

With the benefit of hindsight, we know that the highly owned Romelu Lukaku succeeded in outscoring the Italian duo, though only just. Other popular options, like Harry Kane and Memphis Depay, failed to return.

Lukaku’s 10 point haul on Saturday was deemed an unquestionably “stickable” score by the general populace of Euro 2020 fantasy managers. Insigne and Immobile’s very reasonable tallies, however, were shrouded in far more ambiguity.

That’s because many expected two attacking returns from Lukaku. Whilst Immobile succeeded in notching a goal and an assist, a singular goal from Insigne failed to inspire most managers into sticking to their Plan A.

As such, we can deduce that a difference of just a few points can significantly alter the way a captaincy score is perceived. But there’s another variable at play here too.


Euro 2020 Fantasy Football | Does it Matter What day it is?

Euro 2020 fantasy football tips forwards

The issue of how many days are still left to play in the Matchday – i.e. how many cracks at the captaincy whip we have left – is an important one.

In an ideal world, we want to avoid a situation whereby we’re banking on a big captaincy performance on the final day of a matchday. That’s because the proverbial hands are very much tied by then: there are no more opportunities for moving the armband.

As such, a big – or even medium sized – captaincy score on the penultimate day of a Matchday carries far more value than it might do on the opening day of a Matchday.

Importantly, Matchday 2 and 3 will be one day shorter than Matchday 1, meaning your admirable attempts at armband awesomeness will be reduced too.

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Euro 2020 Fantasy Football | What is a “Good” Captain Score?

A good captaincy score is going to vary team-from-team, and it’s not for me to tell you what you should settle for.

With that caveat firmly in place, I’m going to tell you anyway. Here are the minimum number of sticking points that I’m applying to my own team:

Day 1 – 9 points

Day 2 – 7 points

Day 3 – 5 points

Of course, there are some important exceptions. In Matchday 2, for example, France have a great fixture against Hungary on the last day. Managers may well be inclined to take their chances on the Frenchman despite his Matchday 1 blank.

For me, the key variable for managers to consider when weighing up the stick or twist dilemma is their rank. Those playing catch-up should be more open to taking a chance in pursuit of a massive captaincy score, knowing that “average” probably isn’t going to suffice.

On the contrary, managers who are leading their league and want to maintain their rank can afford to play it safer.

Stick with the score that gets you to where you want to be. Don’t be greedy, but don’t settle for below-par either.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football | A Matter of Perspective

If you’ve come to this article in search of objective truth, I’m afraid you’ll leave disappointed. In fantasy, the only objective truth is that there is no objective truth.

What you should take from this article, however, is that whether or not to stick or twist on your Euro 2020 fantasy captain largely comes down to three key considerations:

  1. the number of days remaining in a matchday
  2. the strength of the players still yet to play (e.g. Mbappe in Matchday 2)
  3. your own fantasy aspirations and to what extent they need to be chased

Only you can weigh these variables up. Ultimately, these judgements are what separates you from every other manager out there.

No pressure, then.

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