Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips: The Strategy Guide

Jian Batra presents the ultimate Strategy Guide to the Euro 2020 fantasy game. This guide will focus on best fantasy strategy to navigate the entire tournament, including formations, chip strategy, potential transfers, captaincy and more. Find all our other Euro 2020 Fantasy Football content here which includes how to play guides, team previews, team reveals and more!

A Level Playing Field

You can win it. Everyone starts at zero and regardless of the exceptional and experienced managers you will be competing against, there is always the chance you can perform brilliantly for a month. There are so many resources on this website to help you perform as best as you can. Trust your gut, be open minded to other ideas and, most importantly, believe in yourself. You'll go far in Euro 2020 fantasy if you can adopt that mindset.

Is Euro 2020 Strategy Different to FPL?

Given the manual substitutions, the large amount of transfers and a pair of powerful chips, the strategy we might employ in the Euro 2020 fantasy game is likely to differ from the approach we'd use in the Premier League equivalent. Perhaps the most important difference is the length of the tournament itself: managers will have just one month to determine their fantasy fortunes. For this reason, planning with conviction from the very start is essential. This article is a top-level look at the overarching strategy that managers might consider for the tournament as a whole. For in-depth reasoning on why I hold particular views mentioned, please refer to my previous article. It covers why forwards are by far the best player category and why midfielders aren't as powerful an option as we're used to.  My general outlook - on the group stage in particular - is also explored.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Best Formations


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