Euro 2020 FanTeam Tips - Groups A - C

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Welcome back, I hope you’re enjoying the break. It barely feels like I’ve been away! FanTeam have made some tweaks to their scoring matrix, which are detailed below:

FanTeam - Scoring Matrix

Euro 2020 FanTeam Key Changes

  • Impact points have reduced from 1.0 to 0.3 points. This means there’s less emphasis on selecting players from the strongest teams and will lead to a more balanced squad approach where talisman from the weaker teams are viable options like in FPL.
  • Shots on goals has been included (shots on goal that result in an assist / goal don’t count towards this). I wouldn’t worry too much about this addition, although it looks like it could result in a lot of points, in reality a player rarely records more than two shots on target in a game. I would use it as a tie breaker if you’re deciding between two players.

FanTeam Euro 2020 – Rules

fanteam euros advice The rules are detailed above, you just need to pay special attention to the following:
  • There’s no Safety Net – Safety Net is a FanTeam option available in some of their daily games that automatically replaces any players that don’t start with an equivalently priced alternative from the same team. In this tournament you can utilise a full squad of 15 players and will have substitutes to call upon if required. Like you would in similar games such as their season long Premier League game or FPL.
  • Maximum players from the same team – you can have up to three players from the same side until the Quarter Finals, then the quota increases to four and then to seven for the final stage.
  • Price Rises – just like in the season long game, the player prices can rise or fall dependent on demand and you get the full sell value and not 50% like in FPL. Please see our FanTeam Beginner's Guide for more details on this. Price rises will be frozen during the wildcard periods to avoid wild fluctuations.
  • Gameweek Deadline – after the first week the deadline will be 90 minutes prior to the first kick off so that players in different time zones are not disadvantaged.
  • Wildcard – this will be available after the group stages and it must be used prior to the start of the round of 16.
  • Transfers – you can only ever roll one free transfer (FT). One FT will be available after each group game, then three will be awarded prior to the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals (so if you roll you can have a maximum of four transfers for the Semi Finals). No further transfers will be allowed after the Semi Finals, but you can adjust your formation and captains.
Don't forget to read our Beginner's Guide to FanTeam for a detailed guide to the platform and games.  

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Groups A to C

The first thing I want to highlight is that Italy, Denmark (apart from their third game), Russia and Netherlands all play their fixtures at home. In the Premier League playing at home is a small advantage, but on the International stage it’s huge.

FanTeam Euro 2020 – Fixture Ticker

This is courtesy of the amazing @BenCrellin

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Fixture Ticker


Euro 2020 Group A Tips:


Turkey are definitely a team I would consider a dark horse for this tournament. The European qualifiers were a long time ago, but their record was impressive nonetheless: Euro Qualification - P10: W7 | D2 | L1 | GF18 | GA3 This was against France, Iceland, Albania, Andorra and Moldova. Other than France, it’s a fairly easy group, however they beat France and drew with them, which highlights their credentials. Their defensive record was the best in qualification, which included eight clean sheets (CS). However, since then they have only kept two CS in their last 11. Who are the best picks? Cakir (4.5M) GK – although the CS have been less frequent recently, he offers great value if Turkey can tighten up again. Çelik (4.0M) DF – is not just a budget enabler, he created the most chances and big chances (BC) during the qualifiers. This season he’s recorded three goals and three assists for Lille to go with his two goals for Tukey. Calhanoglu (5.5M) MF – has seven attacking involvements in his last six games for Turkey and is their main creative outlet (he picked up 10 assists for AC Milan). He’s also on set pieces and made the most key passes in Europe’s top five leagues this season. Yilmaz (4.5M) FD – the team captain scored a hat trick against the Netherlands recently, he recorded 15 goals in Ligue 1 (and 5 assists) and has 28 goals in 66 caps. He’s also on penalties and direct free kicks. At that price he’s the ideal third forward. => When a team has a clear goal scorer and creator, it’s often worth doubling up on them to benefit the most when the team scores.


As mentioned earlier, Italy benefit from home advantage in the group stages. They cruised through the qualification stages with only Belgium sharing their perfect record (they were also the only team to score more than Italy): Euro Qualification - P10: W10 | GF37 | GA4 This was against Finland, Greece, Bosnia, Armenia and Liechtenstein but it’s clear that they offer considerable goal threat and a solid defence. They’re currently on a run of seven consecutive CS and have the best odds of keeping three CS in the group games. They’re unbeaten in their last 23 games, however they haven’t scored over two goals in any of them, which highlight that they’re better for defensive options than attacking. Who are the best picks? Donnarumma (6.0M) – he won’t pick up many save points, but this Italian defence has a lot of CS potential and he’s saved 15 out of 43 penalties faced, which isn’t bad. Spinazzola (5.5M) – the least nailed of the four defenders but also the most exciting. He picked up 10 attacking returns in Serie A and has four assists in 13 caps for Italy. Insigne (8.0M) – in recent International games he has five assists in six. He scored 17 goals in Serie A, takes set pieces and recorded the third highest shot count in Europe this season.   Immobile (9.0M) – has never fully transferred his club form to country (12 goals in 45 games), but he’s still their main goal threat and penalty taker. => A defensive double up could work well here.


Euro Qualification - P8: W4 | D2 | L2 | GF10 | GA6 This was against Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Azerbaijan. They lost and drew with Croatia. I wouldn’t expect many goals from Wales, they’re likely to concede but not many as they usually keep things tight. Who are the best picks? Bale (6.0M) – he’s their talisman and all time leading scorer on set pieces and penalties. Wales is his number one priority, even more than golf.


Euro Qualification - P8: W5 | D2 | L1 | GF19 | GA6 They played against Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Georgia and Gibraltar. They drew with both Denmark and Ireland. They’re a solid, well organised side that are capable of scoring and don’t tend to concede many. Who are the best picks? Rodriguez (5.0M) – is their penalty taker and is on set pieces. He plays as a wing back, but doesn’t tend to get many attacking returns. Shaqiri (7.0M) – has 20 goals and 19 assists in 70 starts for his country. His goal involvement per 90 is an impressive 0.57.  

Euro 2020 Group B Prediction:

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Group A Prediction

I would stick to players from Italy and Turkey.

Euro 2020 Group B Tips:


Euro Qualification - P8: W4 | D4 | GF23 | GA6 Their group contained Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, Georgia and Gibraltar. They’ve continued their form into the Nations League and remain unbeaten this year without conceding (albeit against Israel, Moldova and Austria). That puts them on eight CS in their last 10. They also benefit from home advantage. Who are the best picks? Mæhle (4.5M) – not only offers the cheapest route into their defence, but he’s their most attacking defender with three attacking returns in his last seven and six assists for his club team. Eriksen (7.0M) – is the obvious choice. He’s scored 36 and made 23 assists in just over 100 appearances. Lately, he hasn’t been prolific, but he dominates the set pieces and penalties. In fact four of his last five goals for Denmark were from the penalty spot.  


Euro Qualification - P10: W6 | L4 | GF16 | GA10 They had Italy, Greece, Bosna, Armenia and Lichtenstein in their group. They’re likely to finish bottom of this group, they don’t score many goals and tend to set up to frustrate their opposition. Who are the best picks? Hradecky (4.0M) – they can keep games tight and if they scrape a CS he should get a few save points along the way, which could make him a reasonable second goalkeeper option. Pukki (5.0M) – is their talisman, but watch out he injured his ankle at the beginning of May and may not be fit in time for their opener. He takes the penalties and scored 10 of their 16 qualification goals. He also scored five of their last six goals.


Euro Qualification - P10: W10 | GF40 | GA3 They dominated their group against Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino. During qualification Belgium scored the most goals and conceded the least. Post qualification they’ve only lost one of their last nine games (against England) recording 28 goals and three CS. However, their CS record against the sides that have qualified for Euro 2020 is poor and they have only kept a single CS in their last seven games against these better-quality teams. Overall, Belgium haven’t failed to score in their last 27 games therefore I would favour their attack over their defence. Who are the best picks? Lukaku (11.5M) – has seven goals in his last six games for Belgium, he also recorded seven goals and four assists in five games during qualification. As the focal point of their attack, he looks close to being a must have. It should be noted that although he’s taken the penalties, it’s actually Hazard that is first choice and if he returns to fitness, that could remove one of his avenues to points. De Bruyne (12.5M) – may miss the opener due to the facial injury from the Champions League final. Meunier (5.5M) / Castagne (5.5M) – possibly one to consider after the opening game. Although Belgium haven’t kept many CS against better quality sides, they are more than capable of doing so and whoever starts out of these two offers a lot of attacking upside. => As mentioned for Turkey, when a team has a clear goal scorer and creator, it’s often worth doubling up on them to benefit the most when the team scores.


Euro Qualification - P10: W8 | L2 | GF33 | GA8 Their group involved Belgium (who beat them 3-1 & 4-1), Scotland (Russia beat them twice), Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino. Russia benefit from home advantage. Their form has been mixed following qualification and their games tend to involve a lot of goals both for and against. Who are the best picks? Dzyuba (5.5M) – he’s their main man. During qualification he picked up nine goals and five assists. More recently, he has five goals in his last three. He’s on penalties and is a proven player at this level. Golovin (6.0M) – could pair nicely with Dzyuba, as he’s the main creative outlet (and set piece taker). Injury issues meant that he hasn’t featured much for Russia recently. However, during qualification he recorded two goals and seven assists in seven games. Fernandes (4.5M) – although I don’t expect many CS from Russia, their transition to a 3-4-3 places him on the right wing, which has resulted in him scoring three goals in six games for Russia. He’s worth consideration for your bench.

Euro 2020 Group B Prediction:

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Group B Prediction

A Belgium double up looks to be sensible with value to be found in Denmark and Russia.

Euro 2020 Group C Tips:


Euro Qualification - P8: W6 | D1 | L1 | GF24 | GA7 They finished second in a group that involved Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belarus. They followed that up with another second place in the Nations League, narrowly behind Italy who they drew 1-1 and lost 1-0 to. This year they’ve easily beaten the weaker sides, but Turkey beat them 4-2. They pale in comparison to some of the great Dutch teams, however this is a relatively easy group with the weakest team in the competition. Who are the best picks? Krul (6.0M) – the Netherlands have the best combined odds of a CS across the group games, so this could be a way to guarantee a starting defender that is a penalty saving expert. Dumfries (5.5M) – is a riskier option with more upside. If the Dutch continue with their 3-4-3 then he will start on the right wing. He’s recorded two assists in the first three World Cup qualifiers and six for his club team. Wijnaldum (7.0M) – ignore his role for Liverpool, he plays in a more advanced position for his National side, which is highlighted by the fact that he was their joint top scorer during qualifiers with eight goals and three assists in seven starts. He also topped the stats for shots in the box, big chances and penalty area touches. Depay (8.5M) – he was joint top scorer with Wijnaldum in qualifying and recorded 29 attacking returns in Ligue 1. He’s the penalty taker, he’s really selfish (which is a great fantasy attribute) and he’s my preferred option from this team.


Euro Qualification - P8: W6 | D2 | GF17 | GA4 Their group contained Portugal, Serbia, Luxembourg and Lithuania. Ukraine defeated and drew with Portugal, which deserves respect and only two other teams conceded less during qualification. However, that was over a year ago and since then they finished bottom of their Nations League (although it did include Spain, Germany and Switzerland) and they’ve started their World Cup qualifying campaign poorly too. Who are the best picks? Malinovskyi (5.5M) is likely to be on all set pieces and penalties. During the qualifiers he recorded the most shots for Ukraine. He’s got seven goals and nine assists in his last 11 (some were easy fixtures) and he recorded the most assists in Serie A last season. However, Ukraine aren’t prolific.


Euro Qualification - P10: W6 | D1 | L3 | GF19 | GA9 They were in a group with Poland, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Israel and Latvia. They lost and drew with Poland. The games against North Macedonia ended 4-1 and 2-1. They don’t score many and rarely keep a CS. Who are the best picks? Lainer / Alaba (5.0M) – both play as wingers. Alaba is the better-known player who also shares set piece duties. He has 14 goals and 17 assists in 79 caps (but only two goal involvements in the last 15). Lainer picked up a goal and two assists during qualification. Sabitzer (5.5M) – looked great in qualifying, with seven attacking returns from nine games, however he’s only recorded one in his last six. Arnautovic (5.5M) – despite playing in the Chinese Super League, he’s still the focal point of their attack (he was their top scorer during qualifying) and penalty taker. Kalajdzic (6.0M) – scored 15 in the Bundesliga this season and is worth keeping an eye on if Arnautovic isn’t back in time.

North Macedonia

Euro Qualification - P10: W4 | D2 | L4 | GF12 | GA13 The group included Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Israel and Latvia. They managed to sneak through the play offs and I would be trying to target them, as they’re arguably the weakest team. However, they did manage to shock Germany 2-1 in World Cup qualification so they do have some potential. I expect them to concede a lot though. Who are the best picks? Alioski (4.5M) – is the only one of interest, as he’s on penalties and classed as a defender but plays on the wing. He has four attacking returns in the last nine and 18 in 41 caps.

Euro 2020 Group C Prediction:

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Group C Prediction

The Dutch players could rack up the points in this group and Austria offer a lot of value.


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