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Don't forget to read our Beginner's Guide to FanTeam for a detailed guide to the platform and games.


FanTeam Euro 2020 – Fixture Ticker

This is courtesy of the amazing @BenCrellin

FanTeam Euro 2020 - Fixture Ticker


FanTeam Euro 2020 – Gameweek Two Fixtures

FanTeam Euro 2020 – the Benefits of Entering Late

Price Rises

This is quite contentious, but it was clearly stated in the rules. Those that were quick on the ball to take advantage of this have been rewarded from a strategic perspective.

All late entries have unlimited transfers, as you're effectively on a wildcard. By keeping track of the top performers each day, you can transfer them into your team and benefit from the rises each night.

I created a late entry on Saturday and after two days I'd increased my team budget to €106.5m. That's €1.5M more than the regular budget. That's enough to ensure I won't have to make as many sacrifices when it comes to my player selection.

There are still two days of price rises to go, so there's plenty of time to add team value.

Overlay Value

There are currently 30,174 teams entered into the competition, which means they've contributed £603,480 to the overall pot.

However, the tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of £1,000,000. That means there's currently nearly £400,000 of free money, which has been added to the tournament. The prizes are paid to the top 10,377 places too, so currently a third of the teams entered will get paid.

You start with 100% of the average score

I have a couple of entries that have started terribly. Some include players that are now going to be out for the tournament.

With a late entry you're awarded 100% of the average score, which means you're guaranteed not to have a bad start. The current average is 53 points, only three of my ten entries have more points than that.


Prior to the tournament, a lot of guess work was required around starting line-ups. We'll know every single starting line-up before Gameweek Two commences.

We know which players and teams look to be on form and which teams to target. All of that additional information will be really beneficial for a late entry, as you can build a better squad now.

Some of the stronger sides had their toughest fixture in Gameweek One, which meant that we were a bit wary of loading up on their players. Now it's out of the way, you can go big and capitalised on their better fixtures.


After the first gameweek, you can make a logical call on who's in a strong position to qualify after their second game. For example,  Italy beat the toughest opponent in their group, which makes their progress to the knockouts all but assured.

That means there's a high chance they're going to rotate for the third game.

You can use this knowledge to set your team up appropriately to avoid teams likely to rotate. This will give you an advantage over the fantasy teams that are doing well, but have loaded up heavily on players that may yet miss the third game.

You shouldn't need to take any hits for Gameweek Three with a late entry on FanTeam.

Why You Should Still Enter FanTeam's Euro 2020 Contest

A late entry adds another strategic element to the game. Those that entered first may have had a head start, but they're not that far ahead. There's a possibility that the benefits of the late entry will outweigh any early advantages gained.

FanTeam are running a special promotion. If you enter a late entry now you will get another entry for free. That's two entries for £20.

Remember, FanTeam is a gambling product. All entrants must be 18+. Always gamble responsibly.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up now to benefit from our amazing promotional offer. Use this quiet period to draft a Euro 2020 squad and consider how much money you could win just from playing and watching a game that you love.

FanTeam Sign-Up

Sign up now using by clicking on this link or the banner below and best of the luck for the new season!



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