Euro 2020 Team Previews and Best Players

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Tips by the Hub’s Euros’ expert @CoysFPL. In this team preview series, Dan reviews all 24 teams participating in Euro 2020 and details their route from qualification, expected lineups, best player picks, under the radar gems and players to avoid.

The team previews will begin to be published at the end of May and updated until the big kick off on June 11th.

Group A

Group B


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How To Play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Group C

Group D


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How To Play Dream Team Euro 2020 Fantasy Football – £50,000 First Prize

Group E

Group F

Threadmaster BigManBakar is also previewing the Euro 2020 Groups as below:

Groups A and B Euro 2020 Preview

Groups C and D Euro 2020 Preview

Groups E and F Euro 2020 Preview

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how to play euro 2020 fantasy football


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