Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football Tips

Veteran Telegraph Fantasy Football player Paul McAnulty shares his early tips on how he is going to approach the Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football and also shares his starting team.

My original plan was to write an article stating which players I see value in, or who are at decent price points, but I’ve seen so many predicted line-up articles and hot pick takes from all formats of Euro fantasy games I’ve instead opted to share how I’m going to approach the Telegraph Euro 2020 game.

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Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football | Transfers

It is worth noting that each manager has 50 (!) transfers for the tournament AND unlimited transfers between the group stage and first knock-out round.  Points scoring remains the same, and like the qualifying FA cup games throughout the season, extra time counts but penalty shootouts don’t.

In addition, the ability to make transfers between matches remains, which leads to my first tip…

Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football | Strategy

Start with players who play for teams in groups A and B.

With the volume of transfers available, and the ability to transfer between games, you gain additional games with transfers by removing a player who has played that round for a player who is yet to play.

Furthermore you get to check if the incoming player starts or not, and you don’t need to do this after match day 1 because those clubs will play at the start of the next round of games too.

Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football | Block Defences

Rotating block defences.  In the Telegraph fantasy game defenders always litter the top of the charts for value (points per £).

Teams that go on to do well in international football are for the most part built on great defences, and I think to win the overall game it’ll require good rotation on defence as opposed to a single focus on attack.

With five transfers you can have two blocks for a team in Matchdays 1-2, and move onto a block for another team in Matchdays 2-3, so four opportunities for five clean sheets.  This opportunity opens itself up again in the knockout stages after the unlimited transfers are in place.

Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football | Transfer Management

Lastly, I don’t believe it’s necessary to transfer a player in for a single plum fixture, because there isn’t a captaincy requirement in the Telegraph game.

An example of this is Robert Lewandowski.  I’m a massive fan of the Bayern Munich striker, but based on the volume of games factor, and Poland’s second game being against Spain, I don’t see it a necessity to get him in.

Euro 2020 Telegraph Fantasy Football | Team Reveal

Taking all the above into consideration I am going to start the game with a team very similar to the following: 

If you play the Telegraph Euro 2020 game all the best for the tournament!

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The very best of luck and remember to come back to Fantasy Football Hub for all the tips throughout the competition!


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