We recently launched our new and shiny FPL & Sky fantasy football forums. Its fair to say, they have been a hit. We now have over 800 members, so thank you to the incredible fantasy community.

There’s already been lots of chat and discussions on everything from FPL RTMs to Why we should be playing with 5 at the back. This post is to give a short intro on some forum FAQs.

Forum - FPL Sky fantasy football

What forums are there?

Take your pick.

How do the forums work?

They are similar to most forums and pretty self-explanatory. Some of the key features:

  • Cross posting from articles. If you comment on an article this will be cross-posted onto the forums and vice versa.
  • Send private messages.
  • Fully responsive on mobile.
  • Earn badges (and view others).
  • Attach screenshots of your team.

How does my profile work?

You can do lots of things, under the ‘My Profile’ tab. Including:

  • Add your social networks.
  • Add a profile image.
  • Add a signature.
  • Subscribe to your favourite topics or forums and receive email updates.

Do I need to pay for membership?

  • No, of course not, it’s completely free.

That’s it. If you have any questions, leave a comment below – it will also be on the forum ;)

To sign up, click the link below

Free account