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It's been tough writing this this week what with the Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo sagas rumbling on.

I've confirmed my transfers in most games but I suppose my main takeaway is leaving my teams flexible over the international break to enable some potential moves to one or more of Kane, Ronaldo (if that move transpires) and Lukaku - what a headache!

Fantasy Premier League

Gameweek 2 Review

Points: 83

Overall Rank: 118k

Arrow: Green

Another superb week with no less than eight starting players returning something with only the superstars Salah and Fernandes missing out!

Coufal's assist stays on the bench but I'm very happy to hold him going forwards whilst the Benrahma train keeps rolling leading to big some big decisions needed ahead of Gameweek 3.

Gameweek 3 Team and Captain

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