What if it doesn’t work out? What if you can’t afford it? What if becomes too much of a financial burden? What if… 

The truth is that I simply don’t know. But, what I do know, is that there is much more to the world than if Harry Kane makes a good triple captain choice (although, as a self-confessed addict, it doesn’t always seem that way!). We want to help a charity that uses the power of football to make a meaningful contribution to children and adolescents who are less fortunate than ourselves. That’s why we’re making this pledge.

Why 10% revenue?

I spoke to a few people before making this decision and many advised that I make it less than 10% and/or that it should be a percentage of profit, rather than revenue. From a business and commonsense point of view, they are absolutely right. But for me, it needed to be a meaningful contribution, rather than a token gesture. Eventually, I settled on 10% revenue – clean, generous and easy for people to get their heads around. Compared to selfless acts of so many others, it’s not a huge amount, but it is something.

Who will we be donating too?

I opened this question up to the community and you gave me several absolutely brilliant selections – all of which are doing incredible work and completely deserving. Unfortunately, I had to choose one and, in the end, I decided on grassrootsoccer.org. They’re a distinguished organisation using the power of football to overcome health issues among children and adolescents in developing countries. Here’s what they have to say:

Grass Roots Soccer Mission:

Grassroot Soccer is an adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

Adolescents are being left behind in the fight against disease and other critical health challenges. Unlike childhood mortality which has improved 80% in the past 50 years, adolescent mortality hasn’t budged. Preventable diseases like HIV, and complications from pregnancies continue to be the leading causes of death among adolescents. There is a tremendous opportunity to improve the world’s health by promoting healthy practices during adolescence, and taking steps to better protect young people from health risks.



Our promise

Even though it’s a bit scary, we’re making a public commitment that Fantasy Football Hub will donate 10% of revenue for 2018 to grassrootsoccer.org. If it goes well, and FFH is going strong next year, we’ll choose another charity for 2019.

Want to be part of the journey?

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If you enjoy the site, please consider signing up as a member for just £2 a month (that’s less than half a pint in some parts of Blighty!). Not only does 10% go to a good cause, but you’ll also gain access to our exclusive member-only guides, articles and so much more planned for 2018. 

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