Welcome to Andrew Ferguson's Fantasy Football Diary. Andrew is a veteran all-round fantasy football player, with five consecutive top 1% finishes (best 715th) and numerous top 100 finishes across multiple formats (Top 100 in #SkyFF and #TFF 18/19). He'll be covering his progress and tips through the season in Fantasy Premier League, Sky Sports Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and Sun Dream Team exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

What an exhausting couple of weeks from a fantasy perspective! Talk about having to stay on your toes, I felt a like a prima ballerina with all the toe-walking going on! My objective pre-Christmas was to come out 'with my ranks relatively unscathed' which I have achieved and then some across all formats with some decent scoring and green arrows across the period. All that work to finally bring Salah into my FPL team hilariously returned three blanks, but that aside, with some good planning and a touch of good fortune I am in a strong position going into the blank and double Gameweeks.

In Sky and Sun Dreamteam I remain in the upper echelons (177th and 6th respectively) whilst in FPL and Telegraph (249k and 5.5k respectively) I have dragged myself into a position of being able to hopefully push on, attack the blank and double Gameweeks and have a strong second half to the season. I am very big on Manchester City (as my teams and plans below will attest to) going into January, as I am every season, as they play lots of matches, generally take the FA Cup seriously, have a good defence and have hopefully now just started to find their attacking feet. This is the time of year I usually make good strides due to making the most of the additional fixtures so I am pretty excited for the coming few weeks.

Fantasy Premier League

Gameweek 17 Review

Points: 83

Overall Rank: 249k

Arrow: Green

best fantasy football tips

Most would say jam, the minority would say good planning, but with Lowton and Adams not making it this week I managed to pull Soucek and Cresswell's hauls off the bench which had been sat there laughing at me since Friday evening. A very good week indeed and in keeping De Bruyne and Dias I have put myself in an excellent position for double Gameweek 19, currently having 13 double Gameweek players, Son and Steer. I plan to use my Free Hit in Gameweek 18 which I am pretty bullish on and see it as a big opportunity to make strides on those who have already used their chip or who are saving it for another time.

Gameweek 18/19 Teams and Captains


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