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Fantasy Football Hub is your one-stop-shop as a fantasy football manager. We have all the tools and stats you need to win all your mini-leagues and finish with a good rank, and that’s across all platforms. Hub members get unlimited access to all these tools, and much more.

We are the only fantasy site to cover all the main games – Fantasy Premier League, Sky Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football, Dream Team and FanTeam and in great detail from actual experts who have actually won the whole thing, to managers with multiple top finishes.

Fantasy Football Hub has its own app which is available on both IOS Apple and Google Android and all its features are mobile-friendly so whether you want to use it on the move on your commute to work or whether it’s on your lunch break it can all be done easily and swiftly.

Points Prediction Tools

This is personally my favourite tool and the one I use weekly without fail. The Points Prediction Tool is our newest feature and was only introduced last season and we have had amazing feedback on it. It gives you a prediction of players’ points, goals, assists, returns, value, anytime goal, anytime assist, anytime clean sheet or anytime returns.

You can select for the upcoming Gameweek or toggle to up to Six Gameweeks in advance. I find this very useful for looking at captain options for the upcoming Gameweek and also it comes in really handy for selecting which players to play when you are maybe not sure between a couple of options or are stuck on who to bench.

It’s an extremely sophisticated tool and uses a Machine Learning model which is fed high-quality contextual information about the player and team’s performance levels. This model comfortably outperforms inferences from bookmaker anytime scorer odds.

fantasy football points prediction tool

Fantasy football tips

Points Prediction Tool


Opta Stats Tool

The OPTA Stats feature is the ‘go-to’ tool for any fantasy football manager, no matter what platform you play on. You can switch between, FPL and Sky fantasy mode and also build a custom metric table.

You can compare all the key metrics like shots, shots on target, shots in the box, headed attempts, etc and much much more. You can also sort the table by metric by clicking on the column.

For the Sky fantasy football players, you can even look into all the tier bonuses. Overall it’s a really intuitive device and you can compare anywhere between two to 50 players at a time across a load of attacking or defensive metrics.

No other fantasy tool can compare so many players simultaneously. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort with this. You can also compare collective team stats.

OPTA Stats Tool. Fanatasy football tips

OPTA Stats Tool


Player Comparison Tool

The Player Comparison Tool is awesome for comparing two players you really like but can only fit one of them in, or you’re not sure whether to transfer out a certain player for another.

It gives an instant spider web table comparison of who has the best stats. You can compare over a specific set of Gameweeks and home and away and can also look at full stats as far back as the 2018-19 season. It also gives you the option of comparing up to four players on each side.

Player Comparison Tool. Best fantasy football tips

Player Comparison Tool

As you can see the colour on the diagram gives you an instant answer to who has the best stats and does not require you to trawl through pages of fantasy stats or read tons of articles.

Fixture Ticker

The Fixture Ticker is something you will end up using daily. It’s perfect for looking at defender rotations, and which players or teams to jump on or off depending on how their fixtures look.

It has an advanced fixture rating, and you can also toggle between a specific amount of Gameweeks depending on whether you want to analyse short term or long term.

Two things about this ticker which makes it so unique and superior to others is it gives you an average rating for the Gameweeks you have selected for each team so it makes comparing much easier, and you can also switch between attack, defence and overall ratings.

Fixture Ticker. Fantasy football advice

Fixture Ticker

Another really useful feature of this ticker is that you can simply remove teams you are not interested by clicking on them. This makes it so much easier to look at and also makes finding those rotations that much easier

Fixture Ticker Custom. Best fantasy football website

Fixture Ticker – Custom


Slack Channel

The Slack Channel is again something unique that we offer. If you love discussing fantasy football 24/7, then you can, with like-minded folk or if you just want to pop in from time to time for an opinion on your fantasy team and transfers etc this is the perfect place for you.

You won’t have to worry about notifications popping off every second as you can put them off and just jump on when you feel. Because we have managers from all over the world, no matter what time you want to chat there will be someone there.

Again if you play across different platforms you can just pop into the relevant room and chat away. What I like best about this is it’s not too fast paced and you can have a nice friendly and civil discussion without all the noise we usually get from social media.

Slack Channel. Fantasy Football tools

Slack Channel


Other FPL Tools

We also have a host of other handy tools you can use at your leisure. We have two fixture planners – one from the legendary Ben Crellin and the other from Jossy. Both are great but different in their functions so you can use whichever one you prefer.

The FPL Watchlist has all the top fantasy picks in one place. You can filter on different positions or even switch to team mode which gives you the top 15 players.

Our FPL Rate My Team Tool allows you to punch your team ID in and at a glance shows your full team with star ratings for each of your players and also gives you the best alternative player you can choose for each position. Perfect for when one of your players gets injured or if you are looking for a differential to mix it up. It also has a single, double and triple transfer recommendation function to give you some ideas on what you can do with your team.

The Algorithm is an absolute gem of a tool. It is a prediction and planning toolkit for all the meticulous planners out there. It is a statistical spreadsheet tool developed by our stat expert  Carl Weeks. It uses various spread betting odds and expected bonus to determine the expected points for each player.

It can be used in both FPL and Sky games. If this sounds like your type of thing I would seriously recommend watching this tutorial video.


Other Fantasy Football Tools

Most of the tools above can be used across all fantasy football games but we also have some bespoke planning tools, such as Ian Parrin’s planners for Sky Fantasy, Telegraph Fantasy and Dream Team which have helped many managers achieve top finished and even win those games overall such as Dan Cox (Sky), Liam Dorrian (Sky) and Andrew Ferguson (Dream Team).


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