Welcome to a brand new video series from Fantasy Football Hub called Fantasy Football Veterans.


Fantasy Football Veterans

In this series we chat with some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated fantasy football managers in the world to get behind the scenes into their personal lives, their stories, why they love fantasy football whilst also drawing out those golden nuggets of fantasy information that have helped them along the way.

There are 10 video series’ in total with each series having four videos each talking about different elements of the veteran’s personal and fantasy life, culminating in their key fantasy tips.

We have veterans talking about different subjects including managing their obsession with FPL, behind the scenes in content creation, winning over 100k in fantasy football, podcasting tips, the business of fantasy football and much much more. Each video series will be coming out on weekdays over the next couple of weeks, you will not want to miss them!

Next up we have one of the biggest FPL influencers in the game, regular FPL Show panelist and Fantasy Football Hub contributor, Holly Shand, who explains her journey in building her Fantasy Football Community brand and what it is like being a full time content creator.

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Holly’s first video link is here – (There are some audio issues on Andrew’s end, apologies for this).



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