Who's the best FPL Gameweek 5 captain? Our resident FPL captaincy expert Chris Tan takes a close look at the fixtures, poll and stats breakdown before concluding on his best pick for the armband. 

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FPL First Four Gameweek Recap

We’ve had four weeks of data now, and the results are heavily influenced by opposition strength, here are the current standings:

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FPL Gameweek 5 Captain - League Table

It’s worth noting that form can change very quickly, and if often resets after an international break, especially for the top teams where the majority of their team play for the national sides. However, here’s the current overview of the league:

Everton - it could be argued that fixtures breed form, and Everton have had a fairly nice run so far. Tottenham weren’t up to speed for the opener, but both Crystal Palace and Brighton had started the season fairly well. Overall, given their form, the pedigree of their manager and the fact that they’re not in Europe, it seems prudent to invest in one of their assets. Rodriguez (£7.8m) and Calvert-Lewin (£7.6m) look to be the best options.

Aston Villa – missed their first fixture but they have a perfect record so far (with the Liverpool game fresh in our minds), they’ve only scored a goal less than Everton (averaging 3.67 goals per game) and have conceded only two goals. The last side to finish 17th then win their first three was Leicester when they won the title. There are certainly plenty of bargain options here particularly; Martinez (£4.6m), Grealish (£7.0m), Watkins (£5.9m) and potentially Barkley (£5.9m).

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Ollie Watkins looked electric against the Champions

Leicester – speak of the devil, they’re very Jekyll and Hyde so far although their results have flattered to deceive. Without Maddison they’ve lacked creativity and Vardy has been very reliant on penalties. Overall, it’s a wait and see for me. They will have close to a fully fit team after the break, with Pereira not too far away. I expect them to be around the top six and plenty of options will emerge. For now, Castagne (£5.7m) is my pick of the bunch. He looks to be an excellent attacking defender.

Arsenal – signed an amazing central midfielder on deadline day but I’m not sure how much he will help with their creativity. Arteta has drilled them well, and they are difficult to beat, but they don’t create a lot of chances and rarely look like they’re going to blow anyone away. This could change if they move Aubameyang (£11.9m) central and bring Pepe back into the fold. As it stands, they don’t have any FPL assets that I’m interested in at the moment, and I wouldn’t feel confident captaining an Arsenal player.

Liverpool – had a perfect start and all the talk was about tripling up. With the other top teams stuttering, Liverpool seemed like such a reliable option. Then they imploded against Villa. Alisson got injured (Klopp indicated that he’ll definitely miss the Everton game, and could miss more), Thiago and Mane got COVID-19, but this was still a strong Liverpool side. Adrian always gets the blame, however he was only at fault for one of the seven goals conceded. Villa were allowed to exploit Alexander-Arnold and Gomez due to the forwards not pressing hard enough, and it will be interesting to see if any other sides follow suit (although I expect Klopp to address this). Despite the result, Salah (£12.2m) still came away with 13 points, hauling again when played without Mane, and he continues to show why he’s the most reliable captain option.

fpl captain for gameweek 5

Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool will hope to get back to winning ways

Tottenham – after a poor start against Everton they have burst to life. Admittedly, their two stellar performances have come against sides that have attacked them, and they struggled against Newcastle (although they did create a multitude of chances before bringing Son off). However, I’ve been very impressed so far, especially with Son (£9.0m) and Kane (£10.6m).

Chelsea – have looked like an awkwardly assembled team of stars, however the addition of a new goalkeeper, combined with the presence of Azpilicueta, and the experience of Silva looks to have steadied the ship. Pulisic (£8.3m) and Ziyech (£7.9m) should be fully fit when we return, and we should finally get to see the front four together. Similar to Leicester, this is a wait and see for me, but I will not be surprised to see people loading up, as soon as they show signs of what they’re capable of.

Leeds  – are so entertaining to watch, and they’re capable of scoring against anyone because they’re fearless in the attack. However, their style of play does leave them open and I can’t see them getting many clean sheets in this league, as they won’t be able to dominate possession like they did in the championship. For that reason I prefer their attacking options, but they don’t really have anyone that stands out for me. I would also be happy to captain someone that plays against them, given how open the game will be.

Newcastle – get a lot of tough press, but they’ve made some great signings and have started the season alright. Pre season we were all eyeing up Saint-Maximin (£5.3m), and if he plays as a number 10 then he’ll be a great option. The one player that has stood out so far though is Wilson (£6.4m). I foolishly ditched him on my wildcard. He’s just so consistent though. His movement is excellent, he spearheads the Newcastle attack, his mate Fraser will be supplying him, and he’s on penalties.

gameweek 5 fpl captain

Newcastle have started the season brightly

West Ham – several expected them to be relegation candidates, then Moyes started working from home and they look to be replicating their form from the restart. Early season, a lot punted on Soucek (£4.9m) who always looks so threatening, but has yet to score. Bowen (£6.3m) on the other hand is on red hot form after returning in his last two games. There’s only one attacker that I’m interested in though, it’s their talisman (and potential penalty taker) Antonio (£6.3) who has shone despite the tough fixtures. Interestingly, their defensive stats are also excellent, and they have plenty of bargain options there such as Masuaku (£4.5m).

Southampton – have had a mixed start, they perform fine against the weaker teams, however they struggle to create many chances. For that reason I’m not a fan of any of their attackers at the moment. They like to press their opposition high up in the pitch, which leaves them very vulnerable, as Spurs demonstrated, and I expect Chelsea to do something similar. I would be happy targeting them with a captain option.

Crystal Palace – they’ve surprised a few with their first two results, but they appear to have reverted to type in their last two (against tough opposition). Mitchell (£4.1m) seems like a decent value defender at the moment (but be warned that Van Aanholt is back and he could lose his place), and Palace are never easy to score against. They lack much threat in attack, but their fixtures are turning, so it could be worth a punt on Zaha (£7.2m).

best captain for fantasy football

Zaha could be in the points with some great upcoming fixtures

Wolves – haven’t looked good this season, other than their first game. Neto doesn’t seem to link up very well with Jimenez (£8.6m), their defence doesn’t look as solid and they’re not creating many chances. However, new boy Semedo (£5.5m) should help things, and I’m confident Nuno will turn things around. For now though, I would give it a few games before making a move on any of their players.

Man City – it’s been a strange summer for City, we crashed out of the Champions League, flirted with Messi, and didn’t really do anything exciting in the transfer market. Then we opened the season with a demolition against Wolves, and it looked like everything was fine again. However, reality hit against Leicester, and to a certain extent against Leeds. They desperately need a fit striker, Aguero (£10.4m) isn’t too far away, but it tends to take him a while to get up to speed. Our left back is our achilles heel, which more and more teams are exploiting. Despite those shortcomings, they are still arguably the best attacking side in the league. The fixtures aren’t great though, and it no longer feels mandatory to own a City attacker.

Brighton – have impressed so far, they play nice football and they defend relatively well (contrary to what their scorelines have shown). With their fixtures turning, I expect them to start being rewarded for their performances so far. Lamptey (£4.7m) is my favourite defender at that price, Trossard (£6.0m) is highly influential and doesn’t appear to be rotated this season, and Maupay (£6.6m) is on penalties and acts as their Diego Costa.

best fpl captain advice

Lamptey has been very impressive in the opening Gameweeks

Man United – just don’t look right at the moment. It’s unclear whether the fault lies with the players or the manager, but either way, if the results don’t approve then I can see a change being implemented. I wouldn’t be looking to target them yet (despite the fact that they’ve conceded the same amount of goals as Fulham). I also wouldn’t be looking to invest in any of their attackers until they start playing like they did at the end of last season.

West Brom – in my opinion these are the best opposition to target for a captain. They struggle to score goals, as they don’t have any quality strikers, and they leak goals for fun.

Burnley – all is not well here, they haven’t signed any decent players in the window, their captain is injured, and the atmosphere seems off. I wouldn’t be opposed to captaining someone that plays them, as their famous watertight defence doesn’t look impenetrable so far. From an attacking perspective they’re not creating anything.

Sheffield Utd – the loss of Henderson and O’Connell is huge. They’ve been desperately unlucky with some decisions, and there’s a chance that Brewster (£4.5m) might be able to provide the goals that they’ve been craving. However, Sheffield Utd have looked poor so far, I would avoid their players for now and be happy if my attackers were facing them.

Fulham – similar to West Brom, these have been absolute whipping boys. However, they have signed some new defenders, Lookman (£5.0m) was electric against Wolves and Loftus-Cheek (£5.9m) is an excellent loan signing. This will definitely help Mitrovic (£5.9m) who has been starved of service. For now, I would still look to target them, but they might just surprise a few people.

best captain for gameweek 5

Mitrovic could come good with the new attacking talent around him

How have we done to date?

FPL Gameweek 5 Captain - Our Performance

It’s been a dreadful start so far! It feels like Salah is the only premium asset we can trust at the moment. This is incredibly frustrating, with a record amount of goals being scored yet barely any of the main candidates returning, and it could perhaps be time to consider some non premium assets.

FPL Gameweek 5 Captain - The Fixtures

FPL Gameweek 5 Captain - Fixtures


Twitter / @FFH_HQ FPL Gameweek 5 Captain Poll

Who do our Twitter followers think is the best FPL Gameweek 5 captain?

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Hub Twitter GW5 Captain Poll

Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good history vs their opposition?

FPL Gameweek 5 Captain - Past Performance

Vardy (£10.1m) – I’ve only included the fixtures from last season, as the Villa side he played prior to that was significantly different. It could be argued that the same applies to some of the other match ups, however this was the most obvious. Last season he bagged a brace in both fixtures. Villa have strengthened significantly, but I wouldn’t bet against him scoring.

Sterling (£11.5m) – has a great record against Arsenal, returning two goals and an assist at home. I’d bear in mind that he’s missed the International break with an injury (or it could just be a sneaky rest).

Kane (£10.6m) – everyone, myself included, is clambering to get hold of him. However, West Ham have the best defensive stats in the league at the moment. Despite that, you wouldn’t bet against Harry on this form, and the majority of his goals (6) have come at home.

Son (£9.1m) – similar to Kane, he’s a very popular man. He’s managed a goal and three assists at home so far, however their roles appear to be reversing and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kane assist Son.

De Bruyne (£11.6m) – certainly enjoys his home comforts. He’s scored three and assisted once at home. He had to pull out of the final Belgium game though and is touch and go for the weekend.

Grealish (£7.1m) – Villa were a lot weaker in the past, yet Grealish has still managed a goal at home and away against Leicester.

Salah (£12.2m) – has never scored at Goodison Park.

Members Stats breakdown - FPL Gameweek 5 Captain

These stats are pulled from the Fantasy Football Hub OPTA Stats tool that is available to all members to help you analyse the players and teams.

In all honesty, you can't read too much into these stats from a four Gameweek sample, especially as the opposition strength plays a major factor. It will take at least four weeks (from all sides) before we get anything meaningful and even then it's a tiny sample. What we can do is utilise these stats in combination with the eye test to help us make our decision.

I’ve shown these as per appearance, as some teams / players have played a game less.

Individual Player Stats


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