In this Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 2 tips article, Jian Batra presents ‘One-Stop Shop”, a mini article which brings together 11 brilliant Fantasy Premier League managers and collates one piece of FPL advice each for the upcoming gameweek on anything Fantasy Premier League related.

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FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @FPL_JianBatra –

“Keep in mind player availability come Gameweek 4. Planning ahead is always important in Fantasy Premier League, and with players possibly missing out on at least one fixture e.g. Raphinha (£6.5m), Salah (£12.5m) and Richarlison (£7.1m), it would be wise to transfer in alternatives.”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @BigManBakar

“Bruno or Salah captain? I’d go with Salah. Not only is Salah the bookies favourite for a goal this week, but Liverpool have a 49% chance of scoring 2.5+ goals as compared to Man United’s 37% according to the odds. Liverpool are at home and I expect the home crowd to be a factor!


FPL Gameweek 2 Tips |@FPL_Heisenberg

“Hold your transfer if your teams in good shape, two frees in GW3 will be really useful.”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @FPLMatthew

“After Gameweek 2 we will have double the amount of “this season” information than we currently have, therefore if you can roll a transfer, it’s probably a good idea. Two free transfer also gives you many more combinations of moves than one. Sorry Gundogan owners. ”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @WGTA_FPL

As we reach Gameweek 3 and people get 2 Free Transfers, just remember: a 0.1m price change won’t define your season..”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @FFH_Fergi

“No matter how your Gameweek went, stick to your plan. You didn’t pick your players for one week, unless you picked Marcos Alonso!”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @FPLBrain

Results are very variable so try and focus on observing which teams are more attacking or defensive vs last year, which young players may have ‘made a leap’ and risen up the pecking order, position changes, etc. This should serve you well as the new season unfolds.”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @Hibbo_FPL

“When making your transfers for Gameweek 2 don’t chase last week’s points. When possible have faith in your initial squad selections. You picked these guys for a reason so back your instincts and hold your nerve (and that knee).

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @RichClarkeFPL

“Less is more.”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @pras_fpl

“Try not to be too influenced by the underlying data from 1-2 Gameweeks. Watch the matches – tactics, formations, key players. You may get more out of the eye test now than at any other point in the season.”

FPL Gameweek 2 Tips | @FFNinja_

“Be more open minded as you take in the new information that each new Gameweek provides us. Small sample is an issue but new season info is more reliable. Try to identify new formations, styles of play, form players etc.”

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